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Here’s How Climate Change Will Affect Your Flights




  • The aviation industry is now looking to produce lighter, electric planes to deal with climate change.
  • However, rising temperatures can still affect commercial flights around the globe.
  • The high heat could lead to lesser flights per day or several cancelled flights.

Climate change is a real thing and it is already affecting the world as we know it. While some people believe that it isn’t a big deal, climate change is already disrupting our way of life. Soon, it will even make travelling in airplanes much more difficult.

The aviation industry is currently aiming to produce electric planes to reduce its impact on climate change that is caused by aircraft emissions. However, it may take a few years before these electric airplanes will be ready for commercial flight. In the meantime, the industry faces a growing dilemma with the aircraft that are currently being used.

It’s a pretty view that some won’t be able to enjoy with the rising temperatures.

One of the bigger problems is the rising temperature around the globe. Most commercial aircraft have a certain maximum operating temperature and airlines could refuse to allow their planes to brave the rising heat. This is because aircraft manufacturers haven’t provided the full amount of data needed for sweltering temperatures to demonstrate safety.

An overheated plane isn’t the only thing travellers will need to worry about. The rising heat could also prevent aircrafts from getting enough lift. In hot weather, some planes are unable to carry their maximum load of people and cargo. Unfortunately, this would mean that passengers need to rebooked or cargo has to be rescheduled.

Passengers may have trouble booking flights soon.

These are just some of the problems that travellers will need to deal with because of climate change. The aviation industry might be preparing to deal with it in the future but the way we fly is certainly going to change soon.

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