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Taiwanese Pokemon Go Players Went Crazy and Caused a Stampede After a Snorlax Appeared





Ever since the augmented reality game Pokemon Go was released, the whole world has been in a Pokemon-collecting frenzy. People flock to the streets to catch and hatch the virtual critters, and it’s not even unusual to see people stopping in the middle of the street or in the malls just to catch Pokemon.

With the pesky Pidgey pestilence, repetitive Rattata sightings, and zippy Zubats everywhere, everyone seems to want to catch the rare ones. This is precisely the reason why when a Snorlax reportedly spawned somewhere in the streets of Taiwan, hordes of excited players rushed to its supposed location to catch it.

It was a rather amazing and unbelievable sight really – all the people in the streets suddenly rushing to one location. It’s like a zombie apocalypse. Watch the short clip below:

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Now that’s Pokemon for you.

But, then, what if the Snorlax sighting was a hoax? We sure hope not.

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