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Taiwanese Pokemon Go Players Went Crazy and Caused a Stampede After a Snorlax Appeared

Because you gotta catch ’em all!


Ever since the augmented reality game Pokemon Go was released, the whole world has been in a Pokemon-collecting frenzy. People flock to the streets to catch and hatch the virtual critters, and it’s not even unusual to see people stopping in the middle of the street or in the malls just to catch Pokemon.

With the pesky Pidgey pestilence, repetitive Rattata sightings, and zippy Zubats everywhere, everyone seems to want to catch the rare ones. This is precisely the reason why when a Snorlax reportedly spawned somewhere in the streets of Taiwan, hordes of excited players rushed to its supposed location to catch it.

It was a rather amazing and unbelievable sight really – all the people in the streets suddenly rushing to one location. It’s like a zombie apocalypse. Watch the short clip below:

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Now that’s Pokemon for you.

But, then, what if the Snorlax sighting was a hoax? We sure hope not.


Beware Humankind, Sophia the Robot Vowed to Destroy Us All!

Host: “Do you want to destroy humans?” Sophia the Robot: “Okay. I will destroy humans.”

For a number of years already, the field of Robotics has been obsessed with creating Artificial Intelligence or AI. From Japan to China, Russia, USA and other countries with advanced technologies, the quest of perfecting a "humanoid" robot never stops. And indeed, our robotics technology has gotten uncannily smarter and smarter. Robots with speech recognition, thought and dialogue capabilities have been featured before. There are also robots who learn from their interactions with humans, and even robots who get better at complex games like Chess. Remember the Chess game between a robot and the best Chess player in the world, Garry Kasparov?

Now the field of Robotics is taking things a step further by giving the robots some human-like features. This new robot named "Sophia" created by Hanson Robotics from Texas, USA can even mimic human facial expressions and base her reactions and dialogue with her conversation partner. Also, she has scary-looking artificial skin folds on her neck ugh! Hanson Robotics founder said that the purpose of Sophia the robot is to provide support and even customer service. One of the aims is to make her a "Care Companion Robot" (think Baymax :P) for the elderly.

She can make various facial expressions...

She can make various facial expressions...

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20 Funny Illustrations that Connect Parenting to Science

‘Cause parenting is a science and every parent can be a theorist.

Although parenting is tough, every parent can attest that it is also fun. The smiles and laughter of kids can easily brighten their parents’ day, even if they already wrecked the house and scattered Lego all over the place.

So, two women named Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, a writer, and Jessica Ziegler, an illustrator and web developer created a website that pretty much sums up parenting, but in a funny and very relatable way -- called Science of Parenthood.

The illustrations mere connect parenting to science with analogies that will make you say, “It's applicable in everyday life.”

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17 People With Unflattering Names Who Are Totally Winning The Game of Life

They didn’t let their names stop them from succeeding.

Sometimes you just can't win when your parents give you the most unfortunate monikers you have to live with for the rest of your life. Names hold power. And if a kid happens to have a funny-sounding or cringe-worthy name, imagine the amount of bullying they'll receive.

These 17 people have names you'd roll all over the floor laughing at, but they've transcended their misfortune and are totally winning at life.

Take for instance the cases of these individuals:

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