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You Can Now Have An Official Pokemon Wedding In Japan

Your wedding will be the very best, like no wedding ever was!

  • ESCRIT, a Japanese company that specializes in wedding ceremonies and receptions, is now offering Pokemon-themed weddings.
  • The company has teamed up with The Pokemon Company to provide their clients with officially-licensed wedding theme.
  • The food, the wedding cake, and everything else are Pokemon-themed. Two Pikachu mascots will even stand beside the bride and groom.

Do you (and hopefully, also your future spouse) love Pokemon so much that you’re willing to make it the theme of your wedding? If that kind of idea excites you, then we’re pretty sure you’d be happy to hear about this news.

It’s now possible to have an official Pokemon-themed wedding, thanks to ESCRIT INC, a Japan-based company that, according to its website, “plans, performs, and manages wedding ceremonies and receptions.”

“Pika Pika!”

In a Kotaku report, we learn that ESCRIT has collaborated with The Pokemon Company to “start offering officially licensed Pokemon weddings” and they’ve got the pictures to prove it – which were taken from the first client to avail of the unique package.

“I now pronounce you… Mr & Mrs Pikachu?”

Aside from having two Pikachu mascots for the bride and groom , every corner of the wedding and reception venue will feature Pokemon-themed foods – from the wedding cake, down to the desserts and everything else in between.

Check out the food photos here and see for yourself:
Gotta bite them all!
Now take a look at the wedding cake!

So yes, folks, we’re sure you get the picture by now. Everything is Pokemon-themed here and so it’s guaranteed to delight hardcore fans of the popular video game turned animated series.

In case you want to see more photos, you can check out the official Pokemon website. Meanwhile, couples who are interested to avail of the wedding ceremony package could instead visit ESCRIT online and get in touch with them there.


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