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28-Year-Old Woman Dubbed As ‘Taiwan’s Hottest Teacher’





Teachers are probably one of the first crushes of some students. You see them every day in school, you get to know them more with the way they add their personality to their lectures, and they make you feel better about yourself by giving you some encouragement.

Stereotyping the community, some believe that teachers are usually old and unattractive, which may be true in some cases but hey, there is an exception in everything in this world. In fact, one woman is called “Taiwan’s hottest teacher.”

Cheng Jhia-wen studies law at Chinese Culture University in Taipei. She teaches knowledge-based economy and intellectual property at the Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology to her students.

She became internet famous after a picture of her wearing a black mini dress while teaching went viral. Her Instagram account quickly garnered over 100,000 followers and counting.

Her beauty is not her only jewel. Cheng is also an expert at science and technology law, e-commerce law, comparative law, and the international rule of law trends. She is indeed a beauty with brains!

Her Instagram profile also shows that she has a great interest in musical instruments. Cheng has posted several photos and videos of her playing the piano and a flute on her social media accounts.

As if those mentioned above were not enough, Cheng also has a great sense of style. In fact, if you’ll look at her Instagram post, you would think that she is a celebrity or a model.

Netizens were so enamored with her beauty that they even wanted to go back to school if she’s the teacher.

Some of the comments read:

“She’s very pretty!”

“What a truly beautiful teacher.”

“Can I redo my university degree?”

“I wonder how students stay focused.”

“Now this is what you call beauty and brains!”

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