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Giant Kite Hurls Young Girl Up In The Sky In Taiwan




  • A kite festival in Taiwan held last August 30 turned into nightmare after a 3-year-old girl got entangled in the tail of a big kite as it took off the ground.
  • The poor child got hurled up the sky for about 30 seconds before she was eventually rescued.
  • The scary moment was captured on film and later went viral on social media.

A kite-flying festival held in Taiwan last Sunday, August 30, became memorable for the wrong reason after a 3-year-old girl accidentally got entangled into a big orange kite’s tail and was hurled up in the sky.

The international event took place in Hsinchu, Taipei and a footage of the accident has since gone viral online. Apparently, some festival participants prepared the huge kite for flight and didn’t notice how the toddler got caught in it’s long tail.

It was a terrifying moment for everyone present at the festival.

Onlookers couldn’t help but scream after seeing the poor child up in the air for around 30 seconds.

Fortunately, she was immediately rescued after people pulled the kite down so they can reach her.

The event was later suspended soon after the unfortunate incident.

Local government bureaucrat Zhang Li Ke commented that the strong winds that day may have led to the child getting accidentally caught up in the kite’s tail as it started to take off the ground.

Asian Kite Forum secretary-general Chen Ko-fang pointed out that little children are often advised to keep a safe distance from kites as they are being prepare for flying.

Lin Chih-chien, mayor of Hsinchu, later posted a statement on social media, apologizing for what happened.

He also wrote:

“We will review the circumstances to prevent accidents like this from happening again, and hold people accountable.”

Meanwhile, a CNN report tells us that the girl was quickly brought to a medical facility for treatment after suffering “minor injuries with abrasions to her face and neck.”

Watch the video here and see how it all happened:
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