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Adorable Unicorn Puppy Has a Tiny Tail Growing Out Of His Forehead

He’s a truly magical little dog!

  • An adorable rescue puppy has captured the hearts of netizens with his unique trait – a little tail on his forehead.
  • The sweet-faced Unicorn Puppy has gone viral as people are hoping to give him a forever home.
  • The rescuers decided to give him a truly fitting name: Narwhal.

There is little doubt that all dogs are special. However, there is something truly unique about a rescue puppy named Narwhal: he has a little tail growing out of his forehead! Not surprisingly, the furry critter has captured the hearts of millions of people who are now calling him the ‘Unicorn Puppy.’

Narwhal’s story began when he was discovered along with another dog wandering around the cold streets of Missouri. The puppy was taken in by the dog rescue non-profit organization Mac’s Mission and the rescuers immediately noticed Narwhal’s unique trait. After all, the extra tail on his forehead’s not exactly that hard to miss.

Meet Narwhal, the sweet Unicorn Puppy.

The organization quickly took Narwhal to the veterinarians as he already had the first signs of frostbite. Additionally, they wanted to know if his little tail would affect his way of life. Luckily, it was revealed that the tail on his forehead is not attached to anything and doesn’t seem to cause him any pain.

The adorable tail is perfectly harmless.

Although the tiny tail is harmless to Narwhal, the vets also made a sad discovery about it. Since it isn’t connected to anything vital, it doesn’t wag. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away any of the Unicorn Puppy’s charm.

Don’t worry, Narwhal has an actual tail that wags when he’s happy.

For now, the 10-month-old Narwhal is still with Mac’s Mission as he recovers from his close encounter with frostbite and is not yet available for adoption.

However, there are already several applications from fans who want to give Narwhal a forever home. It sure looks like this Unicorn Puppy’s extra tail is giving him all the luck in the world.

Watch Narwhal being adorable below:

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