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Joe Biden Adopts Adorable Rescue Pup Who Looks Like The Former VP

The pooch is clearly thrilled to be going home with the former vice president!

Nobelle Borines





It looks like we have another reason to love Joe Biden. The former vice president has just adopted an adorable rescue dog named Major. Not surprisingly, the pup looks like a perfect partner for Biden. After all, they somehow resemble each other!

Major was one of six German Shepherd puppies that were brought to the Delaware Humane Association. The pups had reportedly come in contact with something toxic and the original owner decided to leave them with the organization. Luckily, Major and his siblings got medical help and were soon ready to be fostered. Joe Biden was one of the volunteers who agreed to foster Major.

The former VP and his newest family member, Major Biden.

Needless to say, the former VP fell in love with the adorable GSD pup and decided to adopt him for good. Joe Biden then brought Major back to DHA to formalize the adoption.

The volunteers at DHA were undoubtedly thrilled for the adorable puppy who finally found a forever home. Additionally, there was a photo shoot to document Major’s adoption and the resulting picture confirms how the pooch resembles his new dad.

People couldn’t get enough of how Major has the same facial expression as the former VP. “Oh my God Joe Biden adopted a rescue dog. And Obama’s like ‘Damn I know that big goofy expression from somewhere…'” one netizen wrote.

The adorable official adoption photo

DHA is certainly happy to have helped Major find a loving home. Patrick Carroll, the organization’s executive director is proud to have made a match between Biden and the GSD pup.

“We make friends for life at DHA, and we know that the bond between humans and their pets is incredibly strong. We have adopted thousands of animals into homes in Delaware, and we are happy to add the vice president and his family to our list.”

You can help DHA find homes for more rescue dogs here.

Learn more about the adorable story here:

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