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Lonely Narwhal Finds New Family In A Pod Of Beluga Whales





Sometimes friendship can transcend age, race, or even species. A lonely narwhal that lost its way has found a new family. The poor juvenile has found amazing friends in a pod of beluga whales.

The unusual family has been spotted in Quebec’s St. Lawrence River. This is certainly surprising since narwhals usually live in the Arctic. Although it is unclear how the lonely creature ended up in Canadian waters, it is great to see that he has already made some great friends.

One of these beluga whales is actually a narwhal!

Scientists believe that the narwhal is a juvenile male since its tusk is only 1.5 meters long. Although he looks very different from beluga whales, the pod appears to have accepted him into their family. In fact, the narwhal has already started taking on their behaviors.

The footage of the amazing family shows that the narwhal would blow bubbles along with his new brothers and sisters. Narwhals don’t need to do this but the young male is obviously trying to fit in.

Scientists are planning to continue observing the pod in case the beluga whales will start interbreeding with the narwhal. After all, the two species belong in the Monodontidae family and are very social. It would be interesting to see what the offspring of a beluga and a narwhal will look like.

The narwhal blows bubbles just like his new family.

The story of the lonely narwhal and his new family has captured the hearts of several netizens. Some have joked that the beluga whales were eager to adopt the narwhal because they believed he is a unicorn. Others praised the pod claiming that animals are so much more accepting than humans.

There are also speculations on how the narwhal ended up in the area in the first place.

“He may have been a survivor of last years mass drowning. It was on a Save the Arctic page, test blasting to do with the oil industry disoriented a large pod of narwhals which then were trapped under ice and drowned,” one comment read.

Although he probably has a tragic past, we can truly be happy for the sad narwhal now that he has a family that truly accepts him.

Watch the awesome family below:

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