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Woman Allegedly Sets House On Fire ‘After Finding Big Spider’

  • A woman in Missouri has been arrested for setting her own house on fire.
  • In her confession to the police, Alexcia Berry claimed it was a spider that pushed her to do the burning.
  • Some residents in the neighborhood, however, are doubtful about Berry’s story and they believe her house has been used for illegal activities.

Sometimes fear can push a person into doing some very stupid things. Case in point, one woman recently made headlines after setting her own house on fire. Her reason for doing the bizarre act? She claims it’s all because of a huge spider!

Alexcia Berry of Missouri has now been officially charged with second degree arson for burning her house. She eventually fled the scene but thanks to a CCTV footage sent by a concerned resident, authorities were able to track and arrest her for the crime.

Alexcia Berry set her house in fire – because of a spider!

In her confession to the police, Berry said it was a big spider that pushed her to burn her home.

Meanwhile, an investigation conducted by local news outlet KCTV discovered that Berry’s house is included in the list of dangerous buildings in Kansas City. Authorities, however, have not received any response from the homeowners even after making the effort to get in touch with those who are on the said list.

In addition to that, there are also rumors that the burned house was being used for illegal drug activities.

In an interview with KCTV, a local resident named Damon said:

“They keep staying in it, keep burning it up. You keep hearing rumors about drug addicts left and right, and we have been trying to keep it clear, but it ain’t nothing we can do for real.”

Damon also pointed out that he has witnessed several fires break in the neighborhood and he’s actually happy that the recent culprit has been arrested.

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