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Filipina Actress Shares A Scary Ghost Encounter While They Traveled In Samar

They saw a child in the middle of the road in a crouching position with his arms and hands wrapped around his head to his face.

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Traveling to new places is exciting. However, for some people who visit a new place, it could be the chance to experience something new.

Paranormal encounters and weird experiences don’t just happen in books and movies, as this real ghost story shared by a local celebrity can attest. Perhaps you’re a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural, but after reading her testimony and watching the actual dash cam footage of the creepy encounter, you might become a believer.

For Myrtle Sarrosa, a local celebrity in the Philippines, she experienced a weird and scary moment when she visited the province of Samar.

Myrtle Sarrosa is a well-known Filipina cosplayer and actress.

She was best known for her cosplaying stints since she was a teenager.

She won the country’s Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Edition 4 in 2012

Samar island is known as the caving capital of the Philippines and it’s not only hiding the largest cave system in the country but also one of the few remaining old forest covers in the Philippines.

Myrtle shared about their experience when she visited Eastern Samar, a province in the Visayas region. Her team was bound for Tacloban from Samar and she narrated a weird scene on the road, in the middle of a typhoon.


“We were at Eastern Samar for the “Sistersph School Advocacy Tour” where we got stranded for two days already because of the Signal No. 2 Typhoon.”

“We were about to leave on the 14th of February but had to turn back because the supposed path we needed to take going to the Tacloban airport had around 6-ft flood that our car couldn’t cross and the alternative route had been covered with landslide.”

“We had to wait it out till the evening where the rain had already stopped and the government had already cleared a bit of the road from the mud from the landslide for cars to cross.”

They were passing by a road where there were no houses.

“Since this is in a far-flung area. There were no street lamps and most of the area we were crossing is uninhabited. There are no houses. It was just the road with small “barangays” or villages in between but mostly just trees. Around 40 minutes after midnight, we saw something weird….”

“There was a child wearing a bluish white shirt probably around 10 years old in the middle of the road. He was in a crouching position with his arms and hands wrapped around his head to his face.”

They saw a little boy on the road while there was a storm. Weird, right?

We couldn’t believe it because the child just came out of nowhere and there were no villages or houses at all in the area. He was just there along the road as we crossed. It wasn’t normal.

We shouted upon seeing the boy because I wasn’t the only one who saw him, but all of us in the car. We wanted to stop and come back because we just couldn’t believe what we saw. So, we decided the check the car’s dash carmera to see if there was really a child. After checking the footage, there was just a while blob-like orb figure that disappears after a few seconds.

Our volunteer driver, Sir Long, told us that it happens a lot to travelers wherein they see spirits of people who passed away during the Typhoon Yolanda or Haiayan, which killed thousands of people in the area. Perhaps, the boy was the spirit of someone who passed away during the typhoon.

While our staff there just told us that the area we crossed was possibly around the Brgy Omawas, Maydolong, E. Samar where a lot of weird things can be seen according to the old folks.

We really wanted to stop the car but we were warned not stop the car at all during the trip because the area we were crossing is infested with communist rebels and it’s not safe to make a stop.

But I still can’t get him out of my mind. I saw his pale white face and how his hands and arms traveled from the back to his face. I don’t know. Up until now I’m still thinking about it. If he was really just a spirit, I hope he can find rest. If he was really a child, my conscience will forever haunt me.

Based on the comments of her post on Facebook, which has garnered over 53,000 shares as of this writing, she isn’t the only one who experienced the scary encounter. In fact, others also saw the boy in the exact same position while they traveled the area.

Janine Almazan shared her own experience:

“Hello Myrtle, I hope you can see my comment. I can say this is really legit, because we personally experienced it before. My uncle was driving from Manila to Eastern Samar when we saw this.”

“He had no clothes on and he is crouching in the middle of the road. We were really scared. My uncle stopped beside the “element”. He prayed and tossed some coins. I always feel frightened when I remember that and now that I am commenting on your post. At least you’re safe.”

Is it a ghost or a little boy? You be the judge.

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