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Photographer Takes Pictures of Herself Getting Intimate With Strangers on Tinder





A 24-year-old photographer hopes to find “something real” in the world of social media that she decided to create a project called “Lifeconstruction.” In this project, Marie Hyld pretends to have serious relationships with random strangers.

The strangers who have become Marie’s subjects are actually people she just met moments before taking the photos. The timestamps indicate how long it took for them to know each other before taking the photos. Her project jumpstarted on Tinder where she described how she aimed to meet people and photograph them as couples.

Meet Marie, the photographer who pretends to have serious relationships with strangers and takes photos with them.

Source: Marie Hyld

The young photographer made it clear that the intention to make the photos public was to encourage others to join her. As a matter of fact, she met her boyfriend on Tinder. She told This Is Insider:

We both still have it and swipe occasionally. It’s a hilarious world.

Marie thinks that we as a humanity lack the “face-to-face time today.”

Source: Marie Hyld

Despite our efforts to interact with people face to face, we are still never fully present in the moment. She even believes that it is only getting worse, and it is something that social media can largely be blamed for. Ironically, which she admits, her project could not exist without the use of a social media platform.

She explains that, contrary to what others think, she never ever plans her dates in advance.

Source: Marie Hyld

There were days when she would not have the inspiration or motivation to connect with her “deeper, heartfelt self.” These were also the days when she would feel like “digging all the way” into her own and the stranger’s core.

When asked about how her partner felt towards the project, she said that he has always been supportive of her. She admits, however, that she can sometimes feel shaken when participants tend to cross her limits. Although she is prepared for such situations, she accepts it as it somehow helps her know herself better.

Check out more of her works below!


Source: Marie Hyld

Source: Marie Hyld

Source: Marie Hyld

Source: Marie Hyld

Source: Marie Hyld

Source: Marie Hyld

Source: Marie Hyld

Source: Marie Hyld

Source: Marie Hyld

Source: Marie Hyld

Marie encourages people to “always dare to reach out” when it comes to creating intimacy and depth with others. For her, it is important for individuals to learn to search, find, and fill themselves with something that is real. You can check more of her works here.

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