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Supportive Great-Grandparents Dress Up For 5-Year-Old ‘Up’ Fan’s Birthday Photoshoot

This lucky kid has wonderful great-grandparents!


Over the years, Pixar has proven its appeal to both young and old movie fans. Audiences of all ages are always entertained by the colorful and heartwarming stories produced by the studio in the past and the present.

Personally, 2009’s Up is among my most favorite. I definitely cried like a little baby during that sad moment when Carl lost Ellie! That’s why I smiled so wide when I saw these photos, which recently went viral on social media, because it features the couple together in their golden years.

What a wonderful birthday photoshoot!

In a Facebook post, we learn that mommy Rachel Perman, who is a photographer by profession, took the pictures featuring her son Elijah along with his great-grandparents Richard and Caroline Bain.

5-year-old Elijah with his great-grandparents, who are both 90 years of age.

It was a birthday photoshoot for the kid, according to Rachel, and so they picked a theme that he was passionate about. And since he’s been a big fan of “Up” for years, they went ahead with that. Fortunately, his great-grandparents are so supportive about the idea and were totally game about dressing up as the Fredricksens.

Rachel also shared that since all of her three children share the same birthday week, she wanted to “celebrate the things they love with photos.” Emilee, Elijah’s twin sister, got a princess and unicorn photoshoot while the boy had his favorite movie.

Little Elijah has been an Up fan for years.
So you can just imagine how thrilled he was!

He often draws the house with the balloons plus it was the only toy he asked for when they visited Disney World.

“Inviting his great-grandparents was my idea and a surprise to him,” the photographer mom added.
Richard even went the extra mile and purchased a jacket and a hose.

Although they haven’t seen the animated film yet, he saw a photo of Carl and so decided to get a hose as a prop as well.

Numerous netizens were touched by the photoshoot.

As one Facebook commenter wrote:

“This is beyond beautiful! I loved this movie so much, and to see this family live it out like this is so precious, then to see the little one’s eyes and how they were lit up made it all worth it. What a beautiful thing indeed!”


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