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Guy Recreates Prehistoric Times By Taking Photos of Realistic Dinosaur Toys

He even shared tips and tricks about how he achieved the effects!

  • Based in Paris, French photographer Mathieu Stern loves experimenting to achieve interesting results in his photography.
  • In a new series, Stern took photos of ultra realistic toy dinosaurs to recreate prehistoric times.
  • The mind blowing photos have gained a lot of attention online among netizens.
  • Aside from the pictures, Stern also posted two videos where he shared interesting photography tips and tricks.

If there’s one thing we can learn from the Jurassic Park movies, it’s probably this: the dinosaurs belong to the past. Bringing them back to life is a terrible, terrible idea and it will never end well.

Unless, of course, you are Mathieu Stern. You see, the Paris-based French photographer and filmmaker recently gained viral attention on social media for combining his love of photography with his fascination of dinosaurs.

Using detailed, realistic toys, Mathieu Stern gave us a good glimpse of what it’s like when dinosaurs still walked the earth.

In a Bored Panda feature, the photographer shared that he “wanted to experiment” and utilize his skills in an attempt “to create some really lifelike photos from prehistoric times.”

Go check out Stern’s other awesome shots here:



Aside from his amazing photos, Stern also took time to upload videos on his YouTube channel, showing us how he created his prehistoric photographs series and how he achieved the effects that made the shots look more interesting.

In case you’re thinking about trying dinosaur toy photography, we’re pretty sure you can get some pointers from this clips. Click the play button below to see it for yourself:

Creative Toy Photography: Water Effects

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Creative Toy Photography: Dirt Blast and Smoke Effects

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To see more of Mathieu Stern’s work, feel free to subscribe to his YouTube channel where he helps his viewers “discover new ideas, new ways to film and take photos.”


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