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Stunning Photos Of A Zorse, A Hybrid Between A Zebra And A Horse




  • Photographer Carina Maiwald had the chance to take amazing pictures of a rare zorse.
  • A zorse is a result of crossbreeding a male zebra with a female horse.
  • Mainly bred in Africa, zorses are still considered rare in other parts of the world.

There are millions of amazing animals in the world but some of them have yet to be discovered. Luckily, people can now see some truly gorgeous pictures of a zorse, which is a hybrid between a zebra and a horse. The images of the magnificent creature truly captures its sweet nature.

The photographs were taken by Carina Maiwald, a photographer who has won several awards for her stunning pictures of domestic and wild horses. Maiwald had the opportunity to take photos of Zuri, a zorse who is a hybrid between a zebra stallion and a horse mare. The experience is truly unique for Maiwald although she has been taking photographs of horses for six years.

Meet Zuri, the sweet-natured zorse.

According to Maiwald, Zuri is a mare who was only one and a half years old when the images were taken. The photographer also shared some interesting details about zorses.

“The wild instinct is very strong in zorses and I had to rethink a lot of techniques to get the animal’s attention during the session,” she wrote. “While a horse is a typical flight animal, a zorse is ready to fight. A horse is curious, a zorse doesn’t want to be bothered, which makes the interaction during photo sessions a challenge.”

Although they might seem unique, Maiwald says that zorses are bred in Africa as trekking animals. “They are strong, light-feed and very resistant to illness – they combine the best features of both a zebra and a horse,” she described.

Zorses are rarely seen outside of Africa, which makes Zuri truly something special.

“Zuri is a sweet mare, with a flicker of wilderness in her eyes and I wanted to create photos that express the proud exotic miracle she is,” Maiwald said.

You can see more of Maiwald’s gorgeous photographs on Instagram.

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