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He Bought a New House. But What He Discovered in the Basement Gave Him The CREEPS!





Buying a new house is both an overwhelming and exciting experience, especially if it’s your dream home that we’re talking about. This was exactly what Redditor Colintendo felt when he purchased his new home a few years ago. He couldn’t wait to finally move in, but the new house still needs some repairs.

He was working on the basement one day when he found something disturbing. He noticed that a portion of the basement floor was slightly raised, so he decided to investigate. What he found creeped him out.

Hiding under the floor was a well. It was something that he did not want to be a part of the house that he dreamt to have. All he wanted to do at that very moment was to move out immediately.

The well can be useful, I get it. But I understand the reason why it gave the owner the creeps. Who would want a house that’s as creepy as the ones that we see in the movies? The idea that something, or someone for that matter, lurks inside your ‘dream home’ is simply a bit much for some to digest, especially if kids will live in the house. A home is supposedly a place where you feel safe and not the other way around.

Check out the images below and see for yourself:

When he went down the basement and noticed that a portion of the floor was slightly raised.


Photo credit: Imgur
He removed the cinder blocks and found an old well. Creepy!


Photo credit: Imgur
The well has a depth of approximately  7 to 8 feet and holds about 4 feet of standing water.


Photo credit: Imgur
Reminds me of the freaky well in The Ring. Yikes!


Photo credit: Tumblr

Colintendo must have been reminded this same scenario so he filled the old well with stones. Two years ago, he decided to sell the house for good. Oh well, at least there’s no more spooky house and ghosts to mind.

H/T: Reddit, Viral Nova

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