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People Are Calling Netflix’s ‘You’ The ‘Creepiest Show Out There’

The Penn Badgley series has just been confirmed for a second season!

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Netflix is currently on a roll with terrifying films like Bird Box and the interactive phenomenon Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. However, people are getting chills down their spines while watching the new series You. In fact, it’s being called the “creepiest show ever” to air on the streaming service.

There is little doubt that post-apocalyptic films like Bird Box can make anyone fearful of the future. At the same time, Bandersnatch viewers find themselves going down a rabbit hole with the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure premise. However, You hits the right spots for its simple concept and the eerie feeling that the same thing can happen to you because of what you actually share on social media.

Be careful about what you post on social media!

So how good is You? People have been raving about the series since its premiere on Netflix on December 26. Some netizens were impressed by how the story went and are now calling it the “creepiest show” on the streaming service.

Needless to say, Netflix is loving the reaction to the new hit series. The streaming giant has just renewed the show for a second season, which will be set in California.

You is based on the Caroline Kepnes book You: A Novel. The story revolves around Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a bookstore manager who happens upon a graduate student named Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail). It’s love at first sight for Joe, who then proceeds to stalk Beck and manipulates her so they can begin dating. Unfortunately, Beck’s friends aren’t happy with the relationship so Joe needs to deal with some loose ends.

The series features a talented cast including ‘Pretty Little Liars’ actress Shay Mitchell.

The first season of You was filmed in New York. However, it has been confirmed that Season 2 will follow the premise of Kepnes’ second book Hidden Bodies and move to California.

The series also stars Pretty Little Liars alum Shay Mitchell as Peach Salinger, Beck’s friend who realizes that there is something wrong with Joe.

Haven’t seen this amazing series yet? You is currently streaming on Netflix.

Watch the creepy trailer below:

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25 of the Most Highly Anticipated Movies of 2019

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There are so many good ones coming out within the year and we've tried to narrow down our picks to at least 25. Check out our list and tell us which of these films you are eager to see!

#1. Glass (January 18)

The follow up to Unbreakable and Split, director M. Night Shyamalan is back to surprise audiences with Glass. The comic book-inspired flick stars Bruce Willis as an indestructible superhero with Samuel L. Jackson as his easily-hurt nemesis.

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Young Netflixers Have No Idea Who Sandra Bullock Is, Calls Her ’The Lady From Bird Box’

“Kids are calling Sandra Bullock ‘that lady from Bird Box’… you damn uncultured swines I swear,” one fan wrote.




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Since before Christmas, “Bird Box” has been a trending topic on Twitter. However, the conversation has since shifted from the movie’s chilling plot to one fan’s inability to give Bullock the proper recognition she deserves.

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Studio Ghibli Theme Park To Open In 2022, Hayao Miyazaki Inspired Concept Art Revealed

Ghibli Park is currently being constructed in Nagoya, Japan!

Nobelle Borines



Hayao Miyazaki fans are in for a treat. A Studio Ghibli theme park is expected to open in 2022. Not surprisingly, the concept art for the highly anticipated park will take your breath away.

The theme park was originally set to open in Nagoya, Japan in 2020. However, Ghibli Park has been given a later opening date in 2022. In the meantime, structures are being built at the Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park in Nagakute City. While we wait, Aichi Prefecture revealed some of the breathtaking concept art for the Studio Ghibli theme park.

The concept art stays true to Miyazaki's distinct color palette.

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