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Man Moves Out Of Flat After Seeing Creepy Face While He Was Alone




  • Reddit user OppySpoopyMan shared how he managed to photograph something creepy from his kitchen while he was alone at his flat.
  • His flatmates weren’t around at the time and so he immediately left the place.
  • His story later went viral online.

A Reddit user recently shared a creepy story about why he decided to to leave his flat. His post eventually gained a lot of attention, with many netizens agreeing that he definitely did the right move.

According to Redditor @OppySpoopyMan, he saw a scary face in his kitchen while he was alone in his place. He even managed to capture the said apparition on camera and people who saw it couldn’t help but freak out.

This is the original picture as posted on Reddit.

Notice anything unusual? No?

Well you gotta try to look a little harder.

There! See it now?

Pretty frightening, huh?

OppySpoopyMan captioned his post this way:

“After hearing taps and noises from my kitchen I take a photo and see this.”

He further shared that he heard “sound of feet shuffling around, or clothes rubbing against each other” before he saw the face on the kitchen door.

He continued:

“Two of my flat mates were at work and the other was out at a friends at the time.”

After that, he immediately packed his bags, left the place, and just stayed with his family.

Much to his surprise, the story later went viral online and attracted some media attention. And the comments kept on coming since.

One commenter wrote:

“Nooooo. This gave me the no no feelings. Kinda made my tummy turn. Burn that s*** down, I say.”

Another admitted:

“Did not believe you. Zoomed in. Flipped out. Then noped out.”

I’ll be honest: If I saw a face like that from a dark kitchen, I’d gladly leave right away, too.

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