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5 Illustrations That Show The Fine Line Between Nice And Creepy





Being nice and friendly to others is an act that majority of people inhibit naturally. However, just like everything else, too much of a good thing can be bad. You’ll be surprised how the friendliest of your gesture can be taken the wrong way by people.

Below is an illustration that shows how there exists a fine line between being nice to someone and being a total creep. Have you been guilty of these without realizing?

#1. Eye Contact

Source: Willie Muse

They say that looking at the person you are talking to is the polite thing to do. However, staring into their eyes for more than the comfortable length of time to stare can be awkward and downright creepy.

#2. Stalker-ish

Source: Willie Muse

They say that if a person remembers small things about you, then that person truly cares. However, if they remember every minute detail, even your address and other personal information, then that can become creepy.

#3. TMI

Source: Willie Muse

They say that asking questions while having a conversation is the friendly way to avoid awkward silences. However, when you ask questions that are very personal, you start to appear creepy.

#4 Uhh.. thanks?

Source: Willie Muse

One way to be friendly towards other people is to compliment them or something they did. However, if you give compliments on the wrong things, it can start to get pretty uncomfortable for the other person.

#5. The Hi! and Bye!

Source: Willie Muse

Waving your hand when saying “Hi” or “Hello” with a smile to anyone is generally considered sweet and polite. But saying goodbye with a smile – a serial-killer-type-of-smile will, no doubt, make you look like a total creep.

Were you able to relate to any of the photos? Have you ever had someone go creepy on you? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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