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Weird And Creepy Soda Ad In The Philippines Leaves Netizens Confused




  • A strange RC Cola advertisement has went viral on the Philippines.
  • As of this writing, the ad has gained over 4.9 million views on Facebook.
  • The ad has attracted mixed reactions from social media users.

RC Cola, short for Royal Crown Cola, has made waves online after releasing their most recent advertisement in the Philippines. The 1-minute, 37-second commercial has been posted on the brand’s social media channels and it has generated quite a buzz among netizens.

The surreal ad has surely left a lot of people amused and confused, with others laughing out loud and with some offering their own interpretations about the ad’s deeper message.

It begins with a dramatic tone as we see a boy coming home from school, asking his mother if he is adopted. The mom does her best to comfort the sad kid but he later explodes, standing up and removing his shirt – asking why he has four glasses on his back.

In tears, the mom responds that they’ve been keeping a secret for the longest time and tells him it’s time for him to know the truth. She then proceeds to remove her head, revealing a bottle of RC Cola.

Sounds crazy and creepy AF, you say? Well you gotta see it to believe it.

Go check out the full video here:

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As mentioned earlier, the trippy ad has attracted numerous reactions from netizens everywhere. Some have found it to be disturbing while others say its freaky hilarious.

There are also netizens who said that it may be an allegory to motherly love while some pointed out that the surreal concept may have been inspired by Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.

Of course, the ad likewise inspired a lot of memes.

GIGIL, the agency behind the ad, eventually spoke up about the controversial ad.

In a WeThePvblic interview, GIGIL Managing Partner Jake Yrastorza shared:

“An ad is similar to any art form. A painter creates a painting with his own creative intent, but once he makes it public, he loses a part of its ownership, because the audience now starts to have their own take.

“The ad didn’t come out with the intent of having so many hidden layers, but if that’s how they see it, that’s fine”.

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