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Talented Guy Creates Creepy Comics With Unexpected Endings





Everybody loves a good horror story especially when it comes with a surprising plot twist. However, one talented artist has created several comics that are truly terrifying. While some of them are just strange and creepy, all of the comics have unexpected endings are truly… unexpected.

Edd Lai is an artist based in Taiwan who started writing and illustrating his stories at the age of 19. “I was lucky to have my novels published by several publishers that were searching for young writers. Since then, I’ve made writing my living, constantly pursuing this profession,” he explains. Here are 15 of Lai’s creepiest comics with truly unexpected endings.

#1. Voodoo

This one might start out being extremely creepy but the twist is truly sad.

#2. Alina

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

#3. Light Off

I don’t even want to know how she ended up with that spider-child in the first place.

#4. Promise

OK, that’s just too creepy.

#5. Surprise

This could be every woman’s nightmare.

#6. Tongue

What. Is. That.

#7. Care (Imaginary Friend Part 1)

When parenting goes a little too far.

#8. Fairy

Oh no, is that what Tinkerbell has been up to?

#9. True Love

This is probably even more depressing than the first one.

#10. The Sound Of Wind

Great, now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

#11. Exorcism

It looks like the Devil found himself a new business venture.

#12. Cursed Picture

Be careful when you read this comic.

#13. Dentist

This is why bullying is the worst.

#14. Angel

The angel sure knows what she’s doing.

#15. Driver

Again, this one is really sad.

Lai’s works are certainly a haunting combination of creepy and sad. However, some of the comics also have unmistakeable humor. Either way, these are stories you won’t easily forget.

You can see more of Edd Lai’s works on webtoons. He has more scary stories to tell on Facebook and Instagram.

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