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KFC’s Brilliant Use of ‘Explosive’ Chicken in Their Ads Just Broke The Internet

When you see it…


Aside from their crispy fried chicken, one thing we love about KFC is their brilliant marketing. Remember that time when they sent a Zinger sandwich to space? That was indeed one of the most ambitious ways to advertise a product – like ever!

Now the popular fast food chain has once again hit viral fame with their brand new Hot and Spicy ads over at Hong Kong. Although this is a bit low key compared with the above-mentioned space launch, it still definitely grabbed a lot of attention on social media.

KFC Hong Kong’s funny new ads feature the famous fried chicken, strategically used as “explosions”.

As you can see in this photo above, it looks like the marketing geniuses of KFC went to work again to came up with something really hilarious and attention-worthy. This first one, shows a space shuttle taking off with flames under it.

Or wait, those aren’t flames, right? If you pay close attention, you will notice that it’s an optical illusion and its actually fried chicken all along!

A speeding race car – and a gigantic fried chicken.

Meanwhile, the second ad features a race car making its way on the race track with pieces of KFC chicken behind it, looking like flames and emissions.

Kamen Rider heroes are hungry!

Last but not the least, we see several Kamen Rider heroes standing together, each in an action pose, with a big explosion behind them. As usual, chicken were once again used in this ad that totally takes us back to our childhood days.

In a BoredPanda feature, we learn that the cool campaign was created by Ogilvy Hong Kong.

Asked about how they came up with the unique idea, creative director John Koay shared:

“We were sitting at our desks one night eating KFC, thinking about how could we show the hot sensation without showing the cliché of people with tears rolling down their eyes or tongues sticking out.

“So we looked at the product more closely then finally realized the fried chicken also looked like something else…”

So far, feedback has been generally positive about the three ads.

This just goes to prove that with creativity, even silly ideas can actually turn out awesome.

Kudos to the team for a job well done!


Vegan Diet May Not Be Entirely Cruelty-Free, And Here’s Why

Veganism contributes to exploitation, child labor, and animal cruelty.

Meat-free is cruelty-free. Or so that’s what vegans think. A group of meat-eaters believes that’s not entirely the case. A heated discussion over at Tumblr has caused sparks flying as meat-lovers pointed out the many ways that veganism is not entirely cruelty-free. Child labor, for instance, is very common in agricultural industries. In fact, the number of children working on farms has increased by 10 million to 108 million in 2012.

Also, in Bolivia, locals can no longer afford their staple produce, quinoa, after the Western world saw a massive increase in demand for the wheat-free grain alternative. Other reasons include forced labor, hazardous working conditions, and the exploitation of workers, among others.

Sparks flew as vegans and non-vegans call each other out.

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Nutella Might Not Be Such a Nutritious Spread After All

You might want to reconsider making Nutella as your favorite treat.

Who can resist a jar of deliciously sweet Nutella? Aside from being a favorite chocolate spread for many, Nutella is a great addition to many mouth-watering recipes. Yet recent reports about this hazelnut chocolate spread is breaking the hearts of many Nutella lovers out there.

Nutella contains hazelnut and cocoa so it is not surprising that many regard it as a health food. In fact, its manufacturer Ferrero advertised it as a nutritious breakfast spread. However, the health claims in Nutella’s commercial is now being questioned and challenged by various reports.

Is sweet Nutella made of this?

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Justin Bieber Punches Man Who Grabbed A Woman By Her Throat

The singer has gotten into another trouble. But he’s the hero this time!

Canadian singer-songwriter Justine Bieber has just gotten himself into another trouble. However, it turns out he’s the hero this time around!

According to recent reports, the 24-year-old celebrity has been involved in a fight during a Coachella after party. Witnesses claim they saw Bieber punching a man in the face after the guy choked a woman, pushed her against the wall, and refused to let her go.

The brawl allegedly happened at a party.

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