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Japan’s Unique Cooking Method Is A Must-Try For Chicken and Rice Lovers




  • Japan’s viral KFC rice hack has taken the internet by storm.
  • The easy-to-do kitchen trick has sent netizens raving, with many commenting that they love it a lot.

When we talk about fried chicken, perhaps no other fast food brand is as well-known and as well-loved across the world as KFC. Let’s face it: there’s just something about the restaurant’s crispy chicken that makes it a guilty pleasure for many of us.

It seems, however, that you can do something to take KFC’s finger-lickin’ goodness to the next level with one simple kitchen hack. Sounds interesting, you say? Well, you gotta give this a read!

Get your rice cooker ready!

This awesome hack went viral on Japanese social media and now netizens from various parts of the globe have immediately jumped on the craze.

According o the information we’ve gathered, the yummy kitchen trick is done just by throwing in a few pieces of KFC Original Recipe chicken and some soy sauce into a rice cooker before cooking the rice.

So yes, you have to place the fried chicken in the water and then cook the rice as usual. Once you’re down, tear the chicken into pieces, mix it with the rice, and then add some pepper and salt to taste.

Netizens have since raved about the “KFC Japanese Recipe” after it went viral.

A GetNews reporter described the food this way:

“The chicken has a plump texture, and the rice flavoured with the herbs and spices from the chicken is sublimated to a rich taste.”

Meanwhile, those who haven’t tried it have also expressed great interest.

One commenter wrote, “What sorcery is this? I need to give this a try!” while another said “This looks possibly tasty – it actually reminds me of a lazy Hainanese chicken rice.”

Watch the video here to see how it’s done:

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I don’t know about you, guys, but I’m definitely giving this a shot sooner than later. Be right back, gotta pick me up some KFC!

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