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Sickened Customer Claims KFC Served Raw Chicken and Ignored Her Complaint




  • A woman discovered that the fried chicken she purchased at a local KFC wasn’t really fried after all.
  • The customer was shocked when she realized that the chicken she had been served at the fast-food chain was still raw.
  • Although she contacted the store, the management appears to have ignored her complaint.

Most of us have probably had some bad experiences at a fast-food restaurant. However, one woman had a truly horrifying experience when she bought some fried chicken from KFC. Unfortunately, she would later discover that she had been given raw chicken and to make matters worse, her complaint had reportedly been ignored by the management.

The customer, who remained anonymous, stated that she bought the fried chicken from a KFC branch in the city of Townsville in Queensland, Australia. Everything seemed fine at first until she got home and discovered that the chicken she had been given was raw. The woman explained that she contacted the store and was told that they would get back to her right away. However, she hadn’t received a call from KFC since the incident.

That chicken looks like it’s still clucking.

The woman posted about her experience on Facebook and people immediately responded to her predicament. Upon seeing the photos of the raw chicken, some netizens vowed to boycott KFC. Others even went as far as telling the customer that she should sue the fast-food chain for all the trouble she had to go through.

Purchased on Friday from KFC Annandale.Rang immediately after. The girl on the phone seemed interested and asked me to email photos through and they would call back.No call back yet and no response…

Posted by Rosi Lancaster on Tuesday, August 6, 2019

It may have taken a while but KFC finally issued a statement about the customer’s complaint.

“We’re very sorry to hear about this as it doesn’t meet our very high standards of food safety and we have been in touch with the customer to offer a full refund. We’re also currently in the process of undertaking a full review of the incident to understand what has happened,” the statement read.

KFC later confirmed that they gave the woman a refund after the incident.

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