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“I’m a Millionaire, Google Me” Footballer Tells Police After Being Caught Drunk Driving

He showed no remorse for what he had been arrested for.


In many countries, driving under the influence is against the law. Besides, it is one of the leading causes of accidents and traffic-related deaths across the globe so it’s really a serious offense.

However, when one English football player was apprehended for drunk-driving, he felt it would be a good time to remind the police about his fame and fortune. Talk about arrogance of unbelievable levels!

James Hurst, former Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion player, was caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to authorities, Hurst was seen via CCTV driving his Ford Focus in the wrong direction of a one-way street.

Although he pulled over and was polite to the police at first, he defended he hadn’t been drinking “because he had a match”. PC Sarah Smith then allowed the athlete to turn the vehicle around and drive away.

Upon her arrival at the police station, however, Smith learned that Hurst has been caught urinating against a building society’s wall. So she hurriedly went to the pub to confront the athlete, as well as to breathalyse and arrest him.

It was at that point that the sports star lost his cool.

As PC Smith told the court:

“He stated ‘I’m a millionaire, I will take the ban and pay the fine. I don’t give a f*ck’. I would describe his attitude as arrogant.

“He showed no remorse for what he had been arrested for.”

Hurst even boasted “you can sell that” after he was given his alcohol print-out.

Source: Alchetron

Additionally, PC Anita Hickish shared that Hurst told police officers “I’m a star” and said they could “Google” him.

Hurst had a breath-alcohol count of 60 micrograms which exceeds the permitted limit of 35.

Although he defended his actions, court chairwoman Ann Dickson proclaimed “we find the case proved beyond reasonable doubt.”


Chinese Taxi Driver Finally Reunited With Missing Daughter After 24-Year Search

Hoping to narrow his search and find his daughter, he decided to become a taxi driver.

Wang Mingqing is among the many fathers whose kid(s) went missing for years. His daughter went off the radar in Chengdu China when she was only three years old. He and his wife were selling fruits when they realized that Qifeng was no longer with them.

They did what every parent would do and thus a massive search for the toddler began. Wang even resorted to ads on various local media outlets while setting up missing posters around town. He also went to different hospitals and homeless shelters, as he hoped to find his missing daughter there.

Wang's daughter had been missing for over 20 years.

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Why Pregnancy Jokes On April Fool’s Are Never A Great Idea

“Please think twice before you post that April fools joke.”

Pregnancy jokes are quite common during April Fool's Day. We bet you your social media news feed will be filled with them this April 1. A lot of people find faking a pregnancy to their friends fun but behind that practical joke is a heartbreak experienced by moms who may have miscarried or have trouble conceiving.

One mother decided to share her pregnancy loss story on Facebook, which has gone viral. Coincidentally, the tragedy happened days before April 1 and her story serves as a wake-up call that fake pregnancy jokes are actually hurtful - and not funny.

Kayla Lee Welch miscarried days before April Fool's Day.

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Heartless Mom Brutally Beats Baby, Brags About Avoiding Jail Time

“So, I’m not going to jail. What’s your next move?” the abusive mom texted the baby’s father.

It’s always distressing when we hear about parents – the very people who are supposed to rear and nurture their children – abusing their helpless youngsters. In most cases, we couldn’t help but feel emotional and disgusted about it.

This can definitely be said about Lorein Norman, a mother from Adelaide, Australia, who physically abused her 8-month-old baby named Evie which led to the poor baby being hoospitalized for it.

The brutal attack left baby Evie with bruises to her eyes, cheeks, and nose.

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