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Female Freestyle Footballer Sets Two New Guinness Records For Incredible Football Skills

Indi Cowie, 23, just set TWO Guinness records in freestyle football!


As if making it to the Guinness World Records wasn’t amazing enough, this female freestyle footballer actually managed to set two new records. If that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what else will!

Meet Indie Cowie, a 23-year-old freestyle footballer who just made a name for herself by scoring two records in the Guinness namely Most “around the world” ball tricks in one minute and Most touches of a football with the soles in one minute (female).

Indi Cowie, 23, just set two new world records in freestyle football.

The record attempt, according to the official Guinness website, was held recently at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The event was part of the #SoccerEverywhere campaign which intends to “connect the sport with new fans”.

For the first record, Cowie had to make sure that her leg “encircled the ball while it was in mid-air before catching it on her foot again.”

Fortunately, she was able to do just that despite the 60-second time pressure as she beat the former record holder by one rotation. She did a total of 60 tricks.

Watch the video here:

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As for the second record, the lady freestyle footballer had to make sure that the ball did not touch the floor once.

She did not back down from the challenge either and set a fantastic new record of 200.

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According to her, she began posting clips of her football trick videos in 2013. Now the female athlete is being followed by millions of fans across the world.

Well congratulations to Indi Cowie for her double achievement!

Her ball control skills are definitely world-class. May her example inspire more young people to pick up a soccer ball and get into the sport.


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Her quirky personality and cute outfit got the judges wondering what her talent was, leaving them totally amazed by what she did.

She sang Jessie J's Price Tag in a rap rhythm, making the audience shout in astonishment.

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Now 24 years of age, Vivian’s story is actually one that’s both inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. Her family was originally from Northern Iraq but they had to move out because of violent conflict in their area. In fact, their house was destroyed by a bomb!

Fortunately, things eventually took a positive turn - which led her to enjoy a happier, more peaceful life.

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Author Dan Brown is well-known for his controversial books such as “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons.” Not only does he present a brand new perspective of Christianity, he also questions the faith. While many criticized him for his views, he’s still among the highly-respected authors of today.

Now, Brown is back with another piece of the action. “God cannot survive science,” he recently claimed. He believes that, historically, gods – including the God of Christianity – has always failed to survive science.

The critically-acclaimed American novelist made huge claims during the unveiling of his new book, “Origin.”

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