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Teen Wins Homecoming Queen Then Nails Football Game-Winning Kick Later That Night

“I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be homecoming queen, but I was pretty sure I was going to make that kick.”






People assume that all beauty queens do is smile, wave, and be pretty. But one Mississippi teen proved that pageant girls can be athletic, too!

Kaylee Foster, a senior at Ocean Springs High School in Mississippi, has done something pretty incredible. Just three hours after being crowned as the 2018 Ocean Springs High School homecoming queen, she kicked the game-winning extra point to win the Homecoming game.

The newly crowned Homecoming Queen traded her tiara to a helmet to beat the George County Rebels 13-12. Seven of the teams 13 points came from two Foster field goals and the game-winning extra point in overtime.

“I really don’t have any words,” Foster said afterwards, standing on the field in her football uniform, as she posed for numerous photo requests. “This has just been so wonderful. I love football, and I love Ocean Springs.”

Kaylee Foster had always been a soccer player at heart and has been a part of the varsity team since her sophomore year. For four years, she has been a member of the homecoming court.

Greyhounds head coach Ryan Ross said he wanted to check to see how unique Friday’s events were.

“I’d like to check the whole country and see if it’s ever happened before,” Ross said of the homecoming queen winning the game. “It certainly makes for a memorable weekend for the whole team, but especially Kaylee. It’s a big night for her. I’m proud of her, and I’m proud of the team.”

When asked about what made her nervous more, winning the game or the homecoming queen title, Foster revealed that she was more confident in her kick than nabbing the crown, saying “I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be homecoming queen, but I was pretty sure I was going to make that kick.”

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Woman Claims To Have Found The Fountain Of Youth

“If the results of the experiment held on me are precise, it means that we have made a huge breakthrough in science.”




Humans have been searching for the fountain of youth dating back to ancient times. Elizabeth Parrish, Chief Executive Officer of BioViva, announced back in 2016 that she may finally have the answer to the curiosity.

Parrish has some controversial ideas. Wanting to know the potential of life-improving medications, she utilized herself as a test subject and says that she finally reached the outcome that she had long been waiting for.

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Artificial Wave Pool Allows Surfers To Enjoy The Best Waves Ever

Dubbed by many as the “Disneyland for surfers,” Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch will probably change surfing as we know it!

Mark Andrew



Kelly Slater is considered by many as the greatest surfer of all time – and now he has come up with something that will surely be an amazing training place for his future successors.

First unveiled in 2014, Slater’s Surf Ranch is a 20-acre resort located in the desert-y Lemoore, California. It features a wave pool capable of delivering the best waves for surfers – through the use of modern technology.

Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch is dubbed as the “Disneyland for surfers”.

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Probation Officer Gets Shock Of Her Life When Boyfriend Enters Court Room Handcuffed

She clearly didn’t see that coming.

Nobelle Borines



What would you do if your loved one suddenly shows up at your workplace? A visit would usually be a welcome surprise. However, a probation officer had the shock of her life when her boyfriend was brought into the courtroom in handcuffs. What happens next will have you gasping in disbelief.

Tiffany Allison is a probation officer at the Justice Network in Desoto County in Mississippi. She was expecting to go about her usual work at the Hernando Municipal Court when the judge called in a defendant she knew very well.

This probation officer still can't believe her eyes.

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