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High-Class Escort Says That Her Job Is “No Different From Being An Athlete”

“You use your body in an intimate way, but people see it in a negative light.”


The oldest profession in the world will always have a stigma attached to it. But “Courtesan Cara,” a 28-year old social escort in Singapore, hopes to change people’s perception with her line of work. According to her, “A prostitute is no different from an athlete or a construction worker.”

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In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, Cara shares her stories about being a prostitute. She has no trouble admitting the obvious, that social escorting is prostitution.

“I think anyone who has sex with money is a prostitute, people want to sugar coat it of course,” she said.

She was referring to other escorts who want to downplay their services and claiming that what they are selling is their time and companionship, not merely their bodies.

She added:

“At the end of the day, make no mistake, I am a prostitute.”

Cara has been in the industry for more than three years and advertises her services through a website.

She sees absolutely nothing wrong with using her body for money.

In this aspect, she believes that a social escort is just like athletes and construction workers who use their bodies for their livelihood.

“You use your body in an intimate way, but people see it in a negative light,” she said. “The takeaway is that people are not defined by what they do or who they sleep with… we’re just regular people. Just because we do intimate acts with our body does not make us less human.”

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Prostitution is not illegal in Singapore, but solicitation of sexual services is not allowed. This is why high-class escorts like Cara do not peddle their wares on the streets.

Her website provides snapshots of her body and snippets of her personality. What she provides is an “intimate girlfriend experience.”

As she describes herself on her website:

“A perfect lady in public but wildly uninhibited in private. People see me as a flirty ingenue, an intoxicating blend of playful charms and projected innocence but behind closed doors, I can be quite the naughty vixen!”

She doesn’t come cheap; a customer has to shell out from $600 an hour to $2,800 for a 12 to 14-hour sessions.

Just like most escorts, she keeps her profession on the down low.

She maintains a double life and keeps her lifestyle from her family. She said that her parents will never understand her job.

Cara admitted:

“That’s the one thing I worry most about: my family finding out. For me, I’m not personally ashamed of what I do… but if my family were to find out they will be upset.”

Social escorting is just a sideline for Cara though. Armed with a business degree, she has a compliance job and only got into escorting out of boredom. She placed an ad on Craigslist and was surprised at the responses that she got. That’s when she decided that she can actually profit a lot from it. She turned professional a few years after the started and established her own website with the help of her American friend.

Coming from a well-off family, money is not the primary motivation for Cara for doing this work. For her, it’s all about job satisfaction.

She shared:

“I don’t get a lot of satisfaction from my day job. In fact, the clients (from my day job) hate me because I come in and I tell them what they’re doing wrong.”

She has an advice for those who are thinking of becoming a full-time social escort. “You can’t rely on your looks for a long time, eventually you get old,” she says.


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