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10 Reasons Married Men Consider Thailand A Paradise – And Their Wives Won’t Be So Thrilled

Men can meet, flirt and get laid all in one day when in Thailand.

Thailand is a beautiful country in the southeast Asian region that offers many of the world’s best beaches for those looking forward to having a tropical holiday. The place is also home to ancient ruins and royal palaces plus it offers very interesting food choices. Sad to say, there’s another thing that Thailand is known for – sex tourism.

Sex tourism is apparently huge in Thailand and many men like to visit the country where they can meet, flirt with women (or men) and get laid all in one day. It is even said that it’s a favorite holiday spot for married men who are unhappy with their marriage.

Here are 10 reasons, according to Sarcasm, why married men are said to find Thailand an attractive place where they can fulfill their fantasies.

#1. Red light districts

Source: newsapi

Bangkok is famous for its red light districts and Nana Plaza is one of the busy spots frequented by men who are looking to fulfill their desires.

#2. Nana Plaza

Source: newsapi

Nana Plaza is also a hotspot for working girls and men can easily just take a pick out of the many.

#3. Prostitutes on the streets

Thailand is known for the prostitutes that openly invite clients from the streets.

#4. Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy may be located in a rather short street, but men can find all the fun, entertainment and women they need.

#5. Massage Parlors

Source: Sarcasm

Men can also relax with a Thai massage. And because these massage parlors can be found in the vibrant Bangkok, expect that they come with “extra service”!

#6. Girlfriend for Rent

Source: Andrew Chant

Got no girl to have by your side during your Thai holiday? No problem – just rent one. You can even get a girl to stay with you overnight and let them go the next morning. That easy. No strings attached!

7. Walking Street

Source: Manonthelam

In Pattaya, most of the sex tourism happens around the Walking Street.

#8. Ping Pong Show

Men can find a bizarre form of entertainment in the Ping Pong Show, where the workers perform tricks with their lady parts.

#9. Ladyboys

Source: asset1

Married men who are mostly unhappy with women can experience being with a ladyboy – and Thailand is filled with them.

#10. Ladyboy cabaret

And when you find ladyboys to be truly entertaining and interesting, there’s a cabaret that features professional performances with glitz and glamour all over Thailand.

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