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A Heartbreaking Photoshoot Of A Fallen Soldier’s Baby And His “Army Brothers”





They always say that no matter how dark one’s life becomes, there will still be a rainbow after everyone’s rain. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, seeing something beautiful after a disaster is possible.

On October 2016, couple Britt and Chris got married and were happily starting the early stage of their family life. With a seemingly bright future ahead, the two were optimistic about the life they will be able to create together.

Unfortunately, a disaster struck in August 2017.

Source: Britt Harris
The U.S. Army soldier Chris died during an encounter from a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

Source: Brit Harris

Chris has just found out that he will be a dad one week before.

Despite the heartbreak and pain, Britt bravely shared the sad news through her post on Instagram:

“Goodbye, my hero. My person. My calming voice. My soul mate. My world. My soldier. My savior. You will never be forgotten. You will never be replaced.”

The soon-to-be-mother was left with no other choice but to be strong not just for herself but also for their little one.

A bouncing beautiful baby girl was born and was named after her father on March 17, 2018.

Source: Brit Harris
Britt wrote: “I knew when Chris passed, I would mourn him as my husband and later I would have to mourn the father of my child”.

Source: Britt Harris

“It’s been over 8 months without him. Christian is here now and I can’t help but feel sad. He was so excited. We had plans and in none of them did I ever plan to do this alone. I wanted a family. But I know I can do everything from Christian that Chris would have wanted. I can give her the life and love he would have. I vowed to protect him in death and I will use that same passion to protect her with my life.”

Meanwhile, during his army days, Chris treated his fellow soldiers as his “army brothers” and a part of his extended family.

Source: Britt Harris
This is the reason why Britt decided to organize a special and touching photoshoot including them.

Source: Britt Harris
When her husband’s fellow soldiers arrived back home from Afghanistan…

Source: Brit Harris
She met them and arranged their first time meeting with baby Christian.

Source: Britt Harris
Baby Christian also had her photos taken beside her dad’s picture.

Source: Brit Harris
Coming from Chris’ battalion, there were 20 men who wore their military uniforms.

Source: Britt Harris
Many people were touched by the photoshoot.

Source: Britt Harris
It simply shows a genuine and wonderful connection.

Source: Brit Harris
They are “Christian’s great big family,” remarked Britt.

Source: Britt Harris

This is a really wonderful way to honor the fallen soldier’s memory, don’t you think?

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