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Returning Soldier Gives Dog The Sweetest What The Fluff Challenge Ever

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Nobelle Borines





The What The Fluff Challenge has been an awesome way to surprise pets. But what happens when a person is left standing when the blanket is dropped? One family found out when a returning soldier decided to try the trick on his pet, and the dog’s reaction will bring tears to your eyes.

The What The Fluff Challenge usually involves an owner hiding behind a blanket in front of their pet before jumping out of the way and leaving the blanket to drop. However, one soldier decided to give the prank a new twist by magically appearing in front of his golden retriever. Needless to say, the pooch was elated to see his long-lost dad.

This adorable pup is about to get a delightful surprise.

His owner’s brother was initially behind the blanket.

Zephyr the dog waits patiently as the younger boy raises the blanket. However, his mood immediately changed when the blanket is dropped and he sees his dad.

Zephyr waits for the magic trick …

Then discovers that his owner is behind the blanket!

Lisa Lord explained what happened in the video:

“My son, Private 1st Class Kevin arrived home after 9 months in Fort Bragg where he had been training in the Army. His leave was granted to come home to see family and friends before he would return back to his base to continue his intense training to begin serving our country. His younger brother Jacob and I thought it would be fun to do the #WhatTheFluffChallenge.”

Look at this adorably happy reunion!

Dogs are not the only ones who have been part of the What The Fluff Challenge. People have also tried tricking their cats and birds, who all had similar reactions. However, it’s the lovely twist in Kevin’s challenge that made it truly special for his beloved Zephyr.

Try not to cry when you watch the full video here:

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Awesome Tree House Has A Bicycle-Powered Elevator

The coolest tree house EVER!

Mark Andrew



You may have a cool tree house but we doubt it's anything cooler than this one. Master builder Ethan Schlussler has a very unique tree house, compared with anything we've ever seen.

What makes it different from usual tree houses, you ask? Well this one actually has an elevator - and it's powered by a bicycle!

Ethan Schlussler of Sandport, Idaho has gotten "really tired" of climbing up ladders so he thought he'd do something about it.

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Mom Rants About Husbands Who Still Think Wives Should Do All House Chores

Listen, husbands!




We have all come a long way as a community. Gone were the days when boys should only do boy things, and girls should only do girl things. It’s 2018 and we’ve made great strides. Still, there are those who still think household work should be done by women.

With that said, one mom recently blasted husbands who expect their wives to do all the housework. Her highly-relatable Facebook post had many women agreeing, so her rant quickly became viral.

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Confident Woman Says Dog Is Vegetarian But Pup Chooses Meat On National TV

No surprise here!




Dog owners would argue that they know their pet more than anyone else. So when one woman said that her beloved pup was a vegetarian, she was willing to prove her claims.

Lucy Carrington was a guest on the British morning show This Morning. She was so confident about her dog’s meat-free lifestyle that she was ready to show that on national TV.

Dogs will eat pretty much anything, but Lucy claimed that her pup only preferred vegetarian meals.

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