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Fearless Iraqi Soldier Infiltrates ISIS In A James Bond-Like Way





An Iraqi soldier just won the hearts of many after infiltrating enemy lines on a mission that could have caused him his life. He has since been given the nickname the “Lion of Mosul.”

Using only a smock and scarf – and an AK-47, too! – Mohammed Qasim, 25 years of age, risked everything to infiltrate the enemy. His exploit led to the discovery of key machine gunners and, more importantly, sniper nests.

Mohammed Qasim helped win the war at Mosul by infiltrating the ISIS fanatics.

The Iraqi soldier was also able to shoot six ISIS fighters, all buried six feet down under. After his barrage, he quickly returned to his superiors. They later on covered every openings before gunning down the jihadis in what appeared to be an infantry attack.

Qasim’s heroic run surfaced during the battle in Mosul where he and his troops armed their way to the Old City. However, the ISIS rained them with bullets, halting their advancement, as reported by Daily Mail.

After shooting six jihadis, the Iraqi soldier was able to pinpoint significant machine gunners and sniper nests.

The Iraqi soldiers almost lost hope, as they had no idea where the shootings are coming from. The commanders decided to have someone infiltrate the ISIS nerve center, but it was Mohammed who eagerly volunteered.

His patriotic act did not only save the lives of the soldiers, but as well as the civilians’. This led to him getting a promotion: the rank of a lieutenant.

Without hesitation, Mohammed volunterred to infiltrate enemy lines.

General Abdul Wahab al-Saadi said of his bravery,

We are all very proud of what this soldier did. He is a very brave man. He makes us all hold our heads high.”

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced a week after that Mosul was finally freed from ISIS. The troops have successfully reclaimed the city after nearly eight months of fighting.

Unfortunately, the aftermath of the battle turned the city to rubble, with an estimated damage of USD$1 billion. The Iraqi soldiers needed at least 4 months just to drive the ISIS fanatics from their hideouts.

The Iraqi government finally reclaimed Mosul from ISIS after several months of fighting.

There were reportedly 2,000 ISIS fighters dead, while Iraq lost 1,000 good soldiers. Thousands of civilians also succumbed to death, as the fanatics and coalition forces fought each other.

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