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The Peelable Car Paint Lets You Change Your Car’s Color Anytime You Want

Why spend money on expensive auto painting services when you have this?


It is true that owning a car is quite expensive. You have to consider expenses for periodic maintenance and repairs, among others. And do not forget the resources for upgrades and aesthetics. Speaking of the latter, the most common thing is the paint job.

Interestingly, there is now a way to completely change the color of your vehicle. And no, it does not require you the expertise of a car paint specialist. This is thanks to a product known as peelable car paint. As the name suggests, you can paint and/or peel your car with any color you want.

The peelable car paint allows you to change your car’s color anytime you want.

Sold by Dip Your Car, the peelable car paint comes in various colors. From matte black to rosy gold, the process can be done in just a matter of minutes. You simply have to spray it on top of your vehicle’s existing paint. Yes, there is no need for scraping whatsoever.

And if you are tired of the current color, just peel it off.

You cannot even tell the difference.

Not only is the product good for your car’s exterior, it can also be used for wheels. So, why buy those expensive tire mags when you can DIY with peelable car paint? This definitely saves you tons of money.

The peelable car paint is simply applied on top of your car’s existing paint.

Mind you, the results are quite stunning. It is as if your vehicle really undergone a real paint job. But what really makes this car paint product interesting is its “peeling” feature.

You can simply remove the paint by peeling it, and it is as simple as peeling a banana. No sweat.

It can also be used on tire mags.

And is proven to withstand any driving conditions.

The paint’s finish is also guaranteed strong and durable. It can withstand tough driving and weather conditions. Heck, it is car wash safe and, more importantly, can last for years. No doubt car enthusiasts need this one.

Check out the video below to know more about peelable car paint:

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