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Hundreds Of Yellow Cars Flooded a Posh Village to Support Old Man’s “Eyesore” Car





Retired dentist Peter Maddox, 84, was left without a choice but to scrap his yellow Vauxhall Corsa car after vandals scratched the word “move” and smashed the driver’s side window and rear windscreen.

Later on, mechanics told him that repairing all the damage and respraying the vehicle will cost thousands of dollars. So he decided to scrap it instead.

People have often slammed Maddox’ banana-colored car as an “eyesore.”

Source: SWNS

Prior to this unfortunate incident, both locals and tourists have already criticized his vehicle, calling it an “eyesore” and a “photobomber” on the picturesque town of Bilbury, Gloucestershire.

Others labeled the vehicle as a “photobomber” on the “most beautiful village in England.”

Source: SWNS
However, after hearing about the pensioner’s story, yellow car owners decided to show their support.

Source: SWNS

Matty Bee organized a parade and eventually, the village was filled with hundreds of yellow vehicles.

It was literally a “celebration of anything yellow.”

Source: SWNS

According to Bee:

“The response has been amazing and overwhelming; people from all over the country and all over the world have applied to join the group.

“We’ve had everything here from a three-wheeler and a Mini to a Lamborghini super car… I’ve never seen so many yellow colored cars in one place.”

You can watch the video here:

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Maddox said he felt “overwhelmed” by the support as he watched the rally from his cottage.

Source: SWNS
He was also presented with a miniature version of his old car.

Source: SWNS

Maddox moved to the town 15 years ago after his wife passed away. He bought the yellow car just 3 years ago.

Meanwhile, the authorities are working hard on finding the culprits behind the crime.

Sgt Garrett Gloyne said:

“We have conducted house-to-house inquiries. We are aware that presence of the vehicle was the bone of contention to some people.

“Nevertheless, the damage caused to vehicle is beyond the pale and we would appeal for anyone who knows anything to contact us.”

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