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Say Hello to The Newest Trend: Dishwasher Cooking!





The dishwasher is one of those appliances that has only one sole purpose in its existence…that is, until now. Because some genius has discovered another use of the lowly dishwasher and more people are trying it out. Say hello to the newest trend: Dishwasher Cooking.

Eww, you think. Why would I want to place my food inside the dishwasher?!? It sounds gross and unhealthy, until you realize you can place the food in an airtight container first before loading it in the dishwasher.


So how the heck can you actually cook using the dishwasher? Well, just use the dishwasher’s highest setting and let the hot water rushing around your airtight containers to cook your food evenly.


You can do this to vegetables, seafood, and even poultry. Yes, even the lobster!


Need more guidance? Here’s how to cook salmon using a dishwasher…

A video posted by Maggie Starbard (@mstarbard) on

…and here’s how to cook an entire meal while doing the dishes at the same time!

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