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20 of the Most Hilarious Kitchen Fails Ever





The kitchen isn’t a place for everyone. No matter how much some of us try to do well in the cooking department, things may not always work out as we expect it. As unfortunate as that may sound, it’s something that people have to accept. But at least don’t worry if you don’t do well in the culinary world – because you are not alone. Actually, some people may just be worse than you!

If you’re bad in the kitchen and you want to make yourself feel a little better, then take a look at this compilation of kitchen fail photos. Some are minor mishaps but others are so bad they could’ve been included in the history of the worst cooking ever.

Take a look at these photos:

1. Bread of the Damned

Imagine their agony…

2. His girlfriend's friend made a cake for her daughter's birthday party.

One of the kids actually started crying because the cake was so ugly.

3. I have no words!

They look like tormented souls pleading for help.

4. Breakfast: Eggs with white rice

Looks alien to me.

5. Pressure cooker nightmare!

This is what happens when the safety feature in a pressure cooker fails. Scary!

6. "I forgot I was making caramel at work. It's a tad overcooked."

A legit lava cake?

7. Guess baker lost something.

Bet he hasn’t found it yet.

8. That’s some real monkey business.

Okay, bake cookies next time.

9. His wife came home to this.

At least he said he was sorry.

10. Pizza fail. Oops!

Too much quickmelt, maybe.

11. This chocolate-covered banana…

We agree.

12. We feel her pain.

But at least the cat looks happy.

13. Meatloaf Baby from hell

It’s the stuff of nightmares.

14. Brownie out of a cup – level: Hiroshima


15. Drank too much, got hungry, fell asleep

How to make charcoal.

16. "We ran out of cooking chocolate for the cake for mother's day, we improvised, I felt like a monster…."

G’bye, bunny!

17. Uh, expectation was quite far from reality…

It looks like Jabba the Hut!

18. It's just a slight kitchen mishap.

Source: Imgur

Yes, just a slight one.

19." A friend of mine made this. The eyes slid mid-way through cooking the thing. Happy Easter!"

An evil bunny!

20. Pancake goals: Tinkerbell



Guess some people really aren’t just cut out to do well in the kitchen, huh?

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