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8 Other Foods You Can Cook Using A Rice Cooker (Aside From Rice)

Turns out rice cookers can do much, much more than cook rice!


This home appliance’s name may be a dead giveaway about what it is and what it can do. If you ask the experts, however, you will learn that the humble rice cooker actually has a lot of neat tricks up its sleeve.

Yes, your rice cooker can actually do more than cook you rice! As you will read below, you can use it for much, much more. If you’re a a new housewife or a college kid trying to add a little variety to your limited kitchen skills, we suggest you scroll down right now.

Here are 8 other foods you can prepare with a rice cooker:

#1. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Source: Pinterest

With your rice cooker’s steam basket, you can easily make hard-boiled eggs. Just leave the eggs for 20 to 25 minutes.

#2. Oatmeal

Another simple meal you can prepare, oatmeals are perfect for breakfast – or even as a snack! Just read the instructions on the oatmeal’s packaging and pour the oats and water into the pot. Stir as needed. Afterwards, serve the oatmeal in a bowl and add a few slices of apple, banana, or any other fruit of your choice.

#3. Mashed Potatoes

Source: Pillsbury

For this one, you can either put the potatoes in your steamer or in the pot. Cook them until they’re tender and then mash with butter and milk.

#4. Steamed Vegetables

Save time by cooking your vegetables and rice at the same time. Just place your choice of veggies on the steam basket. Once cooked, you can eat the steamed vegetables as is or you might want to slice them into tiny pieces and then have them mixed with your rice.

#5. Chocolate Fondue

Surprise, surprise! Yes, the rice cooker can also make you a choco fondue. Just melt your chocolate using your pot and you’ll have a yummy treat ready in no time.

#6. Macaronic and Cheese

No need to bug your mom to make you some mac and cheese. Your trusty device can do it all for you. After cooking the pasta, just add the ingredients and you’ll be good to go.

#7. Steamed Artichokes

Before cooking, remove the artichokes’ spiky parts from the leaves and them trim its stems. Next, put water into your pot and then steam your artichokes for at least 30 minutes. They’re already cooked once you can pull the leaves off easily.

#8. Big Pancakes

Source: Imgur

What’s better than a pancake, you ask? Huge ones, of course! Now you can make your own giant pancakes by pouring the pancake batter into the pot. Serve with butter, syrup, fruit, or anything else that fits your preference.


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