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How to Devein And Clean Shrimp Like A Pro, Using Only a Toothpick

When it comes to deveining shrimp, those with average food preparation skills need all the tips they can get.

Faye Williams





When it comes to food preparation, seafood is, perhaps, one of the most challenging to deal with. Those that belong in the shellfish variety — which include crustaceans such as shrimp — often require one’s full attention. Cleaning shrimp, in particular, is a very tedious task.

Some people think that deveining shrimp is not really necessary. However, when you devein shrimp, you’re actually removing their intestinal tract. That means that whatever the creature ate is in there. It’s advisable to devein so that the taste of the shrimp is preserved. Of course, the shrimp also looks better without the vein running through it. We have to admit that it also doesn’t look so appetizing with the vein still inside it.

It’s yummy…but cleaning it takes some skill.

Seasoned chefs and hardcore home cooks can probably devein shrimp even when they’re blindfolded. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with people whose cooking skills aren’t at the expert level yet.

This explains why a video demonstrating how to clean shrimp using a toothpick seems to have captured netizens’ attention.

Watch and learn how to clean shrimp like a pro.

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Apparently, this trick is known to a few seasoned chefs and cooks. It seems to be the easiest technique in deveining shrimp without using a knife. It requires minimal effort and isn’t so messy.

Here’s a closer look at the “toothpick move.”

Then again, it takes a bit of practice before you get to do it quickly. The trick lies in decisively pushing the toothpick through the shrimp. Make sure you push it through between the segments of the shell. At least, now, you won’t dread cleaning shrimp each time you crave for it.

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How to Make a Harmless Humane Mousetrap That Will Catch Rodents

You can create a non-lethal mousetrap using things that are easily available at the hardware.

Faye Williams



Nobody welcomes a mouse or a whole family of mice inside the house. Rodents are known to be the carriers of diseases such as salmonellosis and leptospirosis. Thus, homeowners resort to all sorts of ways to get rid of rodents. For example, there's a whole array of poisonous substances formulated for rodents. Plus there are also a bunch of gadgets to help control or get rid of mice. Then, of course, there's the old school mousetrap.

While the mousetrap is considered an efficient contraption, some people don't like it. Apparently, these people can't stand the thought of killing any animal — even if it threatens their health. Perhaps, that's just how they want to do things?

That said, there are now some mousetraps that promise to catch a mouse without harming it. In fact, Andrew Moseman of Popular Mechanics recently wrote about a contraption that was put together by a Chris Notap. The contraption's creator refers to it as "a simple humane pipe mousetrap." Notap believes that anyone can make the device.

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12 Ways That Can Help You Get Pregnant with Twins

Increase your chances of having twins with these tips and tricks.




Children can be a handful but not for those passionate about parenthood. And when it comes to having babies, twins are double the fun (instead of double the trouble) for moms and dads who are just dying to have them.

Although there are no guaranteed strategies to conceive twins, there are things that can help increase a woman's chances of doing so. Heed the tips below if you're hoping to get pregnant with twins.

1. Check your family history.

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This Innovative Desktop Aquarium Cleans Itself And Requires No Filter Or Water Changes

Shut up and take my money!

Mark Andrew



A common misconception among many is the belief that having fish as pets require very little work. Of course, fish owners would be the first to disagree with that mainly because they know how time-consuming it is to clean aquariums.

Just imagine – you’d have to clean the sides of the fish tank with an algae tank, change the water at least once a week, siphon the old water, use a gravel vacuum to get rid of fish poop, excess food, and other debris stuck in the gravel. And did we mention that you also have to clean the aquarium decorations and change the filters on a regular basis?

So yes, you get the idea. It does entail a lot of work - unless you own an EcoQube C Aquarium.

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