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Meet The Identical Sisters Deemed The ‘Most Beautiful Twins In The World’

Those eyes!


Leah Rose and Ava Marie, more popularly known as The Clements Twins, are not only wowing Instagram. The extremely gorgeous 7-year-old identical twins are now making a splash in the modeling world, too. The two, based between LA and Orange County, have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and it’s no surprise why. The young girls are undoubtedly beautiful with their piercing green eyes, long blonde hair, and sweet smiles.

Since their mother Jaqi, also a stunner herself, began posting photos of the girls, they instantly captured the attention of many online users. But it’s not only the general public that thinks Leah Rose and Ava Marie are absolute head turners; modeling agents and fashion industry bigwigs think so, too.

Some have described the girls as ‘the most beautiful girls in the world.’

Since becoming professional models, the girls have won contracts with several children’s clothing brands.

They have also done photoshoots for different magazines.

According to their mother, the girls are loving every minute of their modeling life.

Jaqi, in a blog post, wrote:

“I presented my idea to the girls that if they were up for it, in addition to their dance classes and swim team practices they had every week, they could give modeling a try. I was not surprised at all when they started jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to begin!”

Based on the girls’ photos, they really look very comfortable and in their element in front of the camera.

The girls are often pictured in matching outfits.

The girls were originally signed to a modeling agency at just six months old, but their parents decided it was not the right time.

Their brother Chase Robert is also a child model.

They have done both casual shoots and glam shoots.

What do you think of these gorgeous girls?

Do you follow their modeling adventures on Instagram?


27 Times “Pure Luck” Gave People The Best Day Ever

When you are lucky, you are lucky!

Most of us believe in luck and that some things happen for a reason, whether or not we like it. Call it fate or destiny, but there is definitely something about these events. For instance, you are out on a street and suddenly a tree falls. Luckily for you, you were five feet away from it.

These are moments that we at Elite Readers cherish – and we thought it is only right to share this stuff. Check them out below and you will “pure luck” at work.

#1. Call it second life.

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Man Keeps Unopened Christmas Gift From Ex-Girlfriend Who Dumped Him 47 Years Ago

Angry and upset for being dumped, Adrian Pearce vowed never to open the gift.

Opening a gift on Christmas is usually an exciting time for people as they can't wait to see what their friends or family have given them. However, a man in Canada managed to keep his gift from 47 years ago unopened and it looks like he wants it to remain that way probably for another three years.

Adrian Pearce from Edmonton took to Facebook on Dec. 18 to share the story of this unopened gift for the first time. His ex-girlfriend gave it to him on Christmas in 1970 and then broke things off between them. Heartbroken, angry and upset over what happened, Pearce vowed never to open the gift.

And Pearce seemed to have kept his promise for 47 years.

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Guy Joins an All-Girls’ Trip and Learns Some Harrowing Truths About Women

Every man in this world is very thankful to you, Robbie!

You have probably heard this saying a couple of times: Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. To put it simply, the two differ in a lot of things. Complex psychological differences, in particular, is what makes the two genders very different from each other.

But not in the case of Robbie Stowers, a 20-year-old guy from London, England. He decided to know what it is really like to be thrown into a group of girls on a ski trip. Being the observant individual that he is, the experience became an opportunity for him to learn more about the habits and idiosyncrasies of women from close up.

Meet Robbie, the guy who decided to go on a trip with all girls.

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