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Armed Robber Messes With The Wrong Guy, Gets Body Slammed To The Ground




  • An Instagram video uploaded by @davenewworld has gone viral online after it showed a guy defending himself against robbers.
  • The unnamed man body slammed one of the crooks to the ground.
  • “Armed robbery in California doesn’t go as planned,” wrote @davenewworld in his Instagram caption.

A short video making rounds on social media shows us the exact moment when a man bravely defended himself against a robber. Posted on Instagram by @davenewworld, the viral clip was said to be from San Leandro, California when an unnamed man was spotted walking up to his vehicle.

Two young men later approached him, attempting to rob him at gunpoint. Much to their surprise, he fought back and slammed one of them to the ground.

The robbers messed with the wrong guy.

The man’s identity remains unknown at the moment but based on what we’ve seen so far, he’s totally got the moves.

He successfully caught the robbers by surprise after he punched the one wearing a white shirt, grabbing him, and then giving him a solid body slam. The accomplice simply watched and later fled from the scene. The robber in white screamed “Okay, okay… Alright! Let me go!” and his accomplice can also be heard shouting “Hey, let him go!”

Of course, netizens couldn’t help but be impressed with the man’s strength and self-defense prowess.

“Armed robbery in California doesn’t go as planned,” wrote user @davenewworld in his caption when he uploaded the video online.

One commenter wrote:

“Well damn, Captain America!”

Another pointed out:

“They should’ve known better when the guy said ‘Are you serious’, while a gun was pointed at him. Got exactly what he deserved, but I pray it was a lesson learned.”

The video has since attracted over 235,000 views on Instagram.

Watch the video report here:
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