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Netizens Are Impressed With This Bag That Looks Like A Real Cat!




  • A unique cat bag recently caught attention on Twitter as netizens expressed amazement at its lifelike features.
  • Apparently, the bag was created by Pico Miho, an artist from Fukui, Japan.
  • The artist makes different fur bags and posts it for sale online.

Netizens couldn’t help be amused with this new cat bag posted online by Twitter user @picopoco08. At first glance, anyone can be forgiven for mistaking the product as a real cat. Besides, it looks pretty realistic!

It gets a bit creepy once you see the rest of the photos and realize it’s not a real animal after all. And then it becomes easier to understand why the bag has quickly gone viral on social media.

In a translated Twitter post, we read PICO writing:

“The weather was nice today so I was able to shoot outside. The customer accepted the final product, so I’ll be preparing for its journey [to the customer].”

Go check out the rest of the cat bag’s photos below:

As mentioned earlier, numerous netizens thought the cat was real.

“I thought you’re carrying a real cat,” one commenter wrote. “It’s cute and amazing. Really looks as though it’s alive!”

We dug up some details online and found out Pico Miho is the mastermind behind the amazing lifelike fur bags. The artist from Fukui, Japan creates the unique bags and some of them are sold at about $950.

As she said in an earlier interview:

“I’ve always loved cute cats since I was a kid and always worked with stuffed animals everywhere. I wanted a ‘stuffed cat’ that I could take outside even as an adult. But a cute plush is embarrassing… so I made it in a way that looks real and has a reason for one to carry it around.”

According to a post, this particular cat bag is no longer for sale but PICO still has some products sold at their online store.

You can head over to their official site in case you are interested to see what’s available. Plus you can follow them on social media via Instagram.

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