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23 Deep, Thought-Provoking Illustrations That Make You Reflect About Life

Interesting and intriguing – especially #6!


Art can be a powerful tool in conveying certain messages. If done right, they can even be deep and thought-provoking. Just go flip the pages of a newspaper, for example, and check out the editorial cartoon section. Such illustrations, which are often political in nature, provides commentary from an artist relying more on the visuals and using very minimal words – or none at all.

As you can probably figure out from that, cartooning is no easy thing and it takes the best of the best to come up with effective illustrations. That’s why we couldn’t help but admire the brilliant talent of Angel Boligán Corbo.

Originally from Cuba, Angel Boligán Corbo is a cartoonist now based in Mexico City, Mexico.

According to a website, Boligàn draws for the El Universal newspaper as well as satirical magazines Conozca Mas and El Chamuco. He’s also the recipient of over 130 awards in cartoon competitions across the world.

Go check out his intriguing illustrations below:
























Well what do you think about these illustrations? Which ones are your favorites and what do you think they mean? What personally caught my attention was #22 – it’s just so sad and heartbreaking. Anyone who has lost a loved one will probably relate with it.

Needless to say, we here at EliteReaders have become huge fans of this guy and we think his work is worth-following. If you agree with that, you can go follow him on Facebook or even check out his official website.


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