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Reddit Thread Shows The Most Hilarious Occupational Mishaps Ever




  • A Reddit thread called “You Had One Job” has been posting a lot of funny pictures of “occupation mishaps.”
  • The community has almost 400,000 members and the photos are absolute comedy gold.

Good employees will always do their tasks well so they can keep their job. At times, they would even be willing to go the extra mile to ensure that both their bosses and clients will be satisfied.

And then, of course, there are those type of workers who simply do not care at all. Case in point, there’s this thread in Reddit that shares photos of epic job failures and we couldn’t help but crack up.

As we read in the description, r/onejob is “a subreddit based on funny occupation mishaps. The official depository for the classic ‘You Had One Job!’ posts.”

Imagine receiving your order like this!

Clearly, users are enjoying it much as there are now almost 400,000 members since t was created in May 2012.

Go check out the photos below and be sure to tell us which one made you laugh the most!

#1. What will he do then?

#2. Uhh, no, I guess!
#3. This must be intentional, right?
#4. Whoever did this probably hates kids.

#5. You have been warned!
#6. Being what?!?
#7. Tell me how you do it, UPS.

#8. In Arabic.
#9. That ad placement is just so wrong.
#10. Mind-boggling!

#11. Oh, the irony!

#12. “You’re”
#13. Not a good reminder.
#14. Good thing they clarified it.
#15. Got it!
#16. Yes!
#17. Not a friendly robot.
#18. World War what?
#19. Namey Name Name
#20. doesn’t look the part.
#21. What now, Alan?
#22. Good job concealing his identity.
#23. What a way to honor her…
#24. Why would anyone need that much baskets?
#25. He needs to remind himself.
#26. What a sharpshooter!
#27. You need to make your mind.
#28. Colorized. Yeah, right!
#29. Nope.
#30. Caught on cam.
#31. How would you like a freebie with your pizza?
#32. We don’t want that!
#33. Very nice.
#34. This is just plain confusing.
#35. Need 15 straws for your drink?

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