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9 Yummy Foods Named After Actual People

The man who created Graham crackers didn’t want them to contain sugar.

Nobelle Borines





Immortality is something everyone aspires for. However, only a few have attained immortal status through delicious foods that were named after them. These lucky people created a truly wonderful recipe all on their own.

Some famous people have inspired others to put together a yummy creation. Famed ballerina Anna Pavlova’s exquisite appearance moved an Australian chef to try and recreate her gorgeous costume through a meringue layered with cream and passionfruit. The Pavlova is still enjoyed by many dessert lovers today.

Here are nine interesting people who gave their name to yummy foods.

1. Graham Crackers by Sylvester Graham

Graham crackers are usually associated with marshmallows and chocolate because of s’mores. However, they were actually created by a health food enthusiast. Sylvester Graham insisted that white bread and meats were unhealthy and wanted people to eat more fruits and whole grains. He created the first crackers from whole wheat and would probably be appalled by today’s sweeter version.

2. Salisbury Steak by James Salisbury

We can have Salisbury steak any time we want these days but the ground beef creation was originally made for medicinal purposes. American physician James Salisbury believed that the well-done meat can cure gout, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. Although the healing properties have not been proven, Salisbury steak is still very popular today.

3. Peach Melba for Nellie Melba

The opera singer was born Helen Porter Mitchell but went by the stage name Nellie Melba. French chef Auguste Escoffier was a huge fan and went on to create Peach Melba in her honor.

Peach Melba is not the only yummy food named after the opera singer. In 1897, just four years after creating the dessert, Escoffier invented Melba Toast.

4. Crêpes Suzette for Suzanne Reichenberg

Escoffier had several muses in his lifetime. The chef was also inspired by French actress Suzanne Reichenberg, who worked under the stage name Suzette.

Crêpes Suzette might also be the creation of a young assistant chef who tried to impress Queen Victoria’s son in 1895. However, some believe this is just a tall tale.

5. Eggs Benedict by Lemuel Benedict

Not surprisingly, the brunch staple was created by a party animal. New York socialite Lemuel Benedict reportedly asked the chef of the Waldorf-Astoria for a specific recipe that included a piece of toast, a poached egg, bacon and hollandaise sauce. The chef swapped out the toast for English muffins and Eggs Benedict was born.

6. Granny Smith Apples for Maria Smith

The Australian grandmother reportedly found a small sapling after throwing out some rotten apples. She replanted it and it produced lovely green apples with a distinct tart flavor. People began referring to the special fruits as Granny Smith apples, which can be found in several apple pies today.

7. Cobb Salad by Robert Cobb

A salad from leftovers? That’s exactly how restaurant owner Robert Cobb created the famous salad.

Cobb reportedly had to make a meal for a guest after his employees have gone home for the night. He tossed together any leftovers he could find in the pantry and produced the first Cobb salad.

8. Fettuccine Alfredo by Alfredo di Lelio

The Fettuccine Alfredo was made because Italian chef Alfredo di Lelio loved his wife so much. When his beloved fell ill, di Lelio mixed a cream sauce that would help her grow stronger. He later served it at his restaurant where it became one of the most popular dishes.

9. Caesar Salad by Caesar Cardini

People usually believe that the Caesar salad is named after the Roman emperor. However, it was actually created by a less popular Caesar in Mexico. Restaurateur Caesar Cardini reportedly made the salad after running out of food to serve during the Fourth of July in 1924. Cardini would toss the salad by the table, adding to the dramatic flair.


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