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Vegan Worker Tells Colleague To Eat Burger Outside Because The Smell “Makes Her Nauseous”




  • A Reddit user shared how eating a hamburger unexpectedly caused a problem in the workplace.
  • Apparently, a co-worker named Carla – who is a vegan – asked the person to leave the breakroom and eat outside.
  • Carla claims she couldn’t bear the smell of burger as it makes her nauseous.

When taking a break at work, the last thing you’d probably want to experience is to be told by a colleague to leave and eat somewhere else.

This is exactly what Redditor @throwaway1035782 had to go through after deciding to bring a hamburger in the break room one day. In a post under subreddit thread “Am I The A**hole?”, the person detailed how a simple food choice eventually triggered a workplace trouble.

Reddit user throwaway1035782 wrote:

“Okay so I want to preface that most of the time I get along with this person let’s call Carla but I’m not going to let someone tell me what to eat and where. “Well I work second shift, and I was craving a hamburger for a while (few days). There’s a fastfood burger place close to work so on my lunch break I went and picked up a ‘ Tall burger’ it was nice and hot and my mouth watered walking back to the break room.”

Apparently, Carla is a vegan and things started to get awkward after she spotted the burger.

“(She) said something to the effect of ‘yeah can you not eat that in here, the smell makes me nauseous and I can smell it already’ . I said ‘well this is the only breakroom and I’m hungry so…” she suggested I eat it outside (we live in a cold snowy state). I just started eating and ignoring her so she left.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of it as Carla later reported the incident.

The post continued:

“Someone in my department brought it up later, she said I was mean to do that and I should compromise. Thing is I’m a pretty empathetic person, if someone has a allergy or something I try to accommodate, but being a vegan is a choice and it’s not like I went out of my way just to annoy her. I honestly didn’t even know she was in there til I got back, but I’m not going to eat out in the cold just to please someone.”

The Reddit post eventually attracted a lot of comments from netizens.

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