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10 Horror-Themed Food Bowls That Are Absolutely Perfect For Halloween




  • Diane Nguyen of Kaizen Fusion Shabu Shabu shared several fun Halloween-inspired food bowls on social media.
  • Based in Santa Ana, California, the said family-owned restaurant markets itself as the “prime destination for shabu shabu.”
  • Now the “Spookyaki” photo series from their Instagram account is getting a lot of love and attention from curious netizens.

We’ve seen creative moms making colorful cartoon-inspired food to make things interesting and attractive for their kids. But have you seen foods that are intentionally designed to scarre people?

Nope, you say? Well, now you will! As you’ve read in the title, this feature is about horror-themed food bowls – and yes, they do look pretty creepy.

Diane Nguyen of Kaizen Fusion Shabu Shabu originally wrote about this in Bored Panda where she shared how, as a fan of Halloween and pop culture, she eventually came up with the idea to do a series of Instagram photos that she decided to call “SPOOKYAKI”.

Go scroll down and feel free to check out the jaw-dropping photos below:

#1 Nightmare On Elm Street (2019)
#2 Hellraiser (2019)
#3 They Live (2020)
#4 It (2019)
#5 Child’s Play (2019)
#6 Spooky Skull (2018)
#7 Spider (2018)
#8 Zombie Hand (2018)
#9 Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2020)

#10 Ghosts (2018)

These horror characters have never looked as yummy, right?

Well what else can we say except admit that we’re really impressed with the artistry that went with these amazing food bowls. Seriously! The attention to detail is astounding and if I’d ever be asked to pick my top favorites, I’d have to say I’d go for the Hellraiser and the Zombie Hand. They both look fantastic!

That said, we do not doubt anyone who gets served these meals would take loads of photos before starting to eat anything.

If you’d want to see more, you can go check out Kaizen’s Instagram account or visit their official website to see their latest updates.

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