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Fascinating Photos of Food Before They Were Harvested




  • BoredPanda has recently shared photos of different vegetables and fruits before they have been harvested.
  • The images provide a unique insight about how our favorite foods look like way before they hit the supermarket shelves.

When buying vegetables and fruits at the supermarket, most of us do not take the time to imagine how these produces were grown in the first place. Of course, we all know that farmers worked hard behind the scenes before the products made it to our local stores.

In a recent feature by Bored Panda, we get a special peek at what these veggies and fruits looked like right before they were harvested from the fields. The said photo compilation can indeed be an eye-opening experience for many.

Ever seen vanilla and cinnamon way before they hit the market shelves? Or cacao and sesame seeds, perhaps? Well now’s your chance to find out. Feel free to scroll down to see all the images below:

#1. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds give texture to our favorite burgers but way before they are used in the kitchen, this is how they actually look like.

#2. Peanut
#3. Cranberry
#4. Cashew
#5. Pistachio

Love eating pistachio? This food is good for maintaining ideal blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

#6. Cacao
#7. Pineapple
#8. Brussel Sprouts
#9. Vanilla

A popular flavor in ice cream, cake, and many others, the vanilla spice is actually derived straight from the genus Vanilla orchids.

#10. Almond
#11. Saffron
#12. Kiwi
#13. Coffee

Caffeine lovers, check out these coffee bean plants!

#14. Cinnamon
#15. Pomegranate
#16. Artichokes
#17. Banana
#18. Wasabi

A favorite condiment for popular Japanese delicacies such as sashimi, soba, and sushi, among others.

#19. Black Pepper
#20. Quinoa
#21. Avocado
#22. Asparagus

A common ingredient in differennt meat dishes, this vegetable is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K plus fiber and folate.

#23. Mango
#24. Dragon Fruit
#25. Dates

#26. Persimmon
#27. Capers
#28. Starfruit
#29. Jabuticaba
#30. Tea Plant
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