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Woman’s Scrambled Egg Breakfast Gets Mercilessly Ridiculed Online As “Prison Food”




  • A woman’s breakfast went viral after Facebook group Rate My Plate shared the photo online.
  • Daithi M made the meal and the caption read “Cooked breakfast to get the day started.”
  • Netizens were quick to mock the food, with some branding it as “prison food.”

What are the chances that the scrambled eggs you cooked for breakfast will go viral on social media? Well that’s exactly what happened to a woman who decided to post a photo of her meal on Facebook.

Apparently, a certain Daithi M made the food and shared the image on Rate My Plate, a Facebook group dedicated to – you guessed it – rating people’s food.

“Cooked breakfast to get the day started,” said the caption.

The photo showed scrambled eggs, two pieces of meat, and what appears to be some brown food that we can’t really identify. It didn’t take long before netizens started mocking the meal.

Be honest: would you eat this meal?

Some commenters immediately described it as “yucky” while others said it looked like a meal fit for prisoners.

“Hurry up there prisoner 861355, move along,” a netizen joked. “I think I’ll just have a coffee,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, there are also those who were obviously harsher (and bit more graphic) in their descriptions.

“So am I right in thinking….the dog shat on the plate so you cut it’s tongue out and cooked it all up with some eggs?” someone said. “The full round trip from consumption to excretion all on one plate. Wonderful,” a critic also typed.

“Might have been a decent breakfast if you didn’t puke on the plate… Just sayin,” added another.

The post has since gained more than 4,000 reactions and 17,000 comments om Facebook plus it has even attracted the attention of various media outlets. According to their official Facebook group, Rate My Plate is a “community” of over 500,000 members who “love to share whatever is on their dinner plate.”

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