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Woman Mistakenly Buried Alive For 11 Days Dies After Fighting Her Way Out Of The Coffin

Residents in the cemetery heard screams and moans coming from her tomb.


Being buried alive is by far the worst thing you could wish to happen. In Brazil, however, a 37-year-old woman was buried alive for 11 days after being mistakenly pronounced dead in the hospital.

The distraught relatives of a deceased woman ended up digging her grave again. There were rumors that screams and moans emanated from the tomb, and they were convinced that she was declared dead by mistake.

The doctors in the hospital have declared Rosangela Almeida dos Santos dead due to septic shock following two cardiac arrests.

However, in the cemetery, people reported hearing screaming coming from the tomb. One resident, Natalina Silva, attested:

“When I got there right in front of the tomb, I heard banging from inside it. I thought the kids who play around the cemetery were playing a joke on me. Then I heard her groan twice, and after those two groans she stopped.”

The news came to Rosangela’s family 11 days after she was laid to rest.

When they smashed open the coffin, she was already dead.

However, there were pieces of evidence showing she tried to fight her way out of her coffin.

When the family members touched her body, they said it still felt warm. The cotton wool placed in the woman’s nostrils and ears came out and her body turned around.

Moreover, there were noted injuries on her forehead and hands, hinting that she desperately tried to fight her way out. Germana de Almeida, the 66-year-old mother of Rosangela, said:

“She had tried to open the lid, even the nails that had been hammered in were loose. Her hands were injured like she had been trying to get out.”

Rosangela was admitted to the Hospital do Oeste in Barreiras, Brazil for about one week after being rushed by her family due to severe fatigue. During her stay, she suffered two cardiac arrests before “dying” due to septic shock, as stated on her death certificate.

According to her family, she suffered from frequent fainting spells since she was just seven years old. She also took anti-convulsants. They decided to report the incident to the police.

Rosangela’s sister, Isamara Almeida, said:

“We don’t want to accuse any doctor, we don’t want to cause any problems, but we witnessed that situation, there’s just no way a person can be buried for 11 days and still be warm.”

The authorities said that they will be taking statements from the woman’s family and the witnesses. If they need to exhume the body again for examination, they will. This post-mortem examination will determine the exact cause of the woman’s death and the estimated number of days she had died.

The hospital is yet to release its official statement but the spokesperson said that they will provide all the needed information the family and the police need.

Watch the video below:

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