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Chinese Man Steals Skulls From Graves to Make Medicine for Daughter

Desperate to find cure for his daughter’s mental illness, the unidentified man ground the skulls into powder and turned it into a concoction that he gave to his daughter.


A father from Jiangxi province in China was arrested for digging up graves of young women to steal their skulls.

Desperate to find cure for his daughter’s mental illness, the unidentified man ground the skulls into powder and turned it into a concoction that he gave to his daughter.

According to Sina News, the man got the strange idea from a quack doctor who told him the skull caps of young women could help cure his daughter’s condition.

Can human skulls cure mental illness?


Reportedly, the daughter’s condition has not improved since the man began the unorthodox ritual.


Photo credit: Shanghaiist

While traditional Chinese medicine is widespread in China, it is also becoming in demand in several western countries.

Interestingly, Chinese scientist Tu Youyou received the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for designing an effective antimalarial treatment which was based on traditional Chinese medicine.

In China, grave robbing to get ingredients for traditional Chinese medicine is not common.


Photo credit: Shanghaiist

The crime typically occurs so officials can meet their cremation quota or to use the corpses in ghost marriages.


Ancient Geoglyphs Discovered in Kazakhstan Baffle Archaeologists

Who knows what these patterns are for?

In 2007, Dmitri Dey, an archaeology enthusiast, discovered earthworks in Kazakhstan using Google Earth. The geoglyphs, which now number at around 260, are distributed across a vast expanse of land in the Turgai region in central Kazakhstan. The earthworks were created using mounds of earth and measure about 3 feet in height and 30 feet in width.

At present, researchers from the Kostanay University in Kazakhstan and the Lithuanian Institute of History are trying to determine the age and purpose of the geoglyphs. However, archaeologists have yet to identify who made these structures and what its purpose is.

These ancient geoglyphs were discovered via Google Earth.


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17 Examples Of Funny (And Embarrassing) Daddy Fails

#6 is hysterical!

Mothers seem to have instinctive talent when it comes to nurturing children. By nature, most of them are caring and loving. They always know what to do to comfort a crying child. They are also skilled when it comes to giving sound advice, cheering up a nervous child for his or her first stage play, and many more. Mothers, as the old saying goes, really know best.

Fathers, on the other hand, don’t always have it as easy. The way they try to express affection, protect their children, and even do basic chores can be hilarious. Some guys are just plain goofballs and that doesn’t automatically change when they become dads.

What do I mean? Go scroll down and check out the 17 funny examples below:

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This Extreme Mountain Biking Video Will Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Try not to get dizzy!

What’s up with these crazy cyclists risking their lives lately?

Just a few blog entries ago, we shared with you about Chile’s suicide cycling where, as the name implies, the rider does all sorts of risky stunts in the streets. Also, we’ve written about this daredevil biker who plunged down a vertical slope of a 200-ft dam and, of course, that Norwegian backward cyclist who rode down a curvy mountain road.

Now here we are again with a new video that will surely make you gasp in terror for the bikers’ lives.

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