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Watch And Learn How to Pick Up Girls in Just Four Seconds





Spotting a beautiful girl and asking for her name and number can be difficult and intimidating, you have to have the guts and prepare to make an impression.

So how do you introduce yourself to a girl and ask for a date in just a minute? Well, most women love being sweep off her feet, so prepare for a method that will work great! Remember to be real and confident; don’t let yourself look nervous nor conceited or over confident.

Balance is the key in approaching a woman, being too fast forward can be creepy so remember there’s a thin line between being a disturbing stranger from a confident – relaxed man who just wanted to make friends.

Use your sense of humor and charisma, this is done in the manner you converse with her and how you look and talk to her. If you flattered them and you got their attention on a positive note, it wouldn’t matter if you got everything else wrong, what would matter is the impression you made.

Hooman was able to get the names and numbers of these beautiful women in just a few seconds!


A guy named “Hooman” from HoomanTV tried to pick up girls in just 4 seconds by using his appeal, charm and sense of humor. Different women were walking, talking with friends; some were alone on the streets as Hooman tried his method on sweeping these women off their feet in just a matter of seconds.

He approached different girls, one at a time. Surprisingly, he really nailed it as all of the women he approached, entertained him instantly with a puzzling look but with wide smiles and giggles. Hooman ended up successfully getting their names and number, plus he also got the chance of asking them for a date – guess what? They all said, YES! What a bonus! His special moves made them fall in to his trap. Way to go!

So Men, Watch Video Here:

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There is a famous quote by Maya Angelou that says “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I guess this is really true!

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